physical science

  1. harmful materials that enter the enviroment
  2. name three natural sources of air pollution
    sand and dust storms, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and ocean spray
  3. name three examples of human activities that cause air pollution
    dust, ash, soot, pesticides, herbicides, and plant pollen
  4. released when fossil fuels or organic matter are burned
  5. name three sources of indoor pollution
    cigarette smoke, micro organisms, and radon
  6. long term exposure to air pollutants may cause
    diseases and chronic health problems
  7. what heatlh problems does carbon monoxide cause?
    high concentrations tress the heart, causes headaches, dizziness, and even death
  8. what can cause emphysema
    ozone and oxides
  9. what is emphysema
    tiny air sacs in the lungs break down
  10. some particles in the air can cause
  11. lung cancer is responsible for more than_________ deaths each year in the U.S.
  12. once absorbed, the light energy is changed to_____
  13. earth radiates the this heat energy back into space in the form of__________
    infared radiaton
  14. how does the earth's atmosphere act like a pane of glass
    it allows light energy in, but traps some infared radiation
  15. earth's greenhouse effect raises the average global tempurature by_____
    35 degrees C
  16. an increase in the earth's average surface tempurature caused by an increase in green house gases
    global warming
  17. name some possible effects of global warming in the future
    climate change, polar caps will melt, salt water could enter ground water systems, and weather patterns will change
  18. what is ozone
    a colorless unstable toxic gas with a pungent odor and powerful oxidizing properties
  19. how is ozone formed
    from oxygen by electrical discharge or ultraviolet light
  20. what does the ozone layer do
    absorbs almost all of the UV radiation given off by the sun, preventing it from reaching earth
  21. what are some effects of the hole in the ozone
    sunburn, blindness, skin cancer, and damage to crops
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