Roy's New Menu - February

  1. Crispy Garlic Fried Calamari - Calamari
    • 7 Oz. of Crispy garlic fried calamari crusted with
    • karrage and garlic chips.
    • Served with Spicy Orange Sesame Aioli
    • ( Sesame Paste, OJ, Sriracha, Sesame oil, mayo, orange zest )
    • Served on a bed of ponzu veg, cilantro, and thai basil.
  2. Kalua Chicken Spring Rolls - Spring Rolls
    • 6 Pc. Fried, smoked, chicken thigh.
    • Served with Inamona Jus. ( Inside of a Kokua Nut )
    • (Shoyu, Ginger Juice, Rayu, Gohan Desuyo, Kukui Nuts)
    • Served with Pickled vegtables, cabbage, mushroom, kim chee, takuwan.
  3. Chicken & Oyster Mushroom Salad - Chicken Salad
    • 4 oz. Sliced, chilled, ginger, chicken breast.
    • Mixed with marinated bean sprouts, house greens, spun carrots.
    • Mixed with Pickled Ginger Cilantro Vinaigrette.
  4. Hawaiian Yellowtail - Yellowtail - MR
    • Hawaiian Pacific Yellowtail seasoned and seared.
    • Served with Orange Chili Hoisin Drizzle
    • (OJ, Hoisen, Veg. Stock, Sesame)
    • Served with Kamaboko Ramen Stir Fry
    • (Ramen, peppers, onions, fish sauce, oyster sauce, ponzu, garlic, ginger)
  5. Boursin & Apple Stuffed Pork Chop - Pork
    • 14 oz. Grilled, Smoked, Pork Chop.
    • Stuffed with Apple, honey boursin cheese and veg. stock.
    • Served with Aka Miso Bordelaise - red wine french style sauce.
    • (Bacon, garlic, onion, cilantro, miso, red wine, natural)
    • Served with Crispy Bacon Hash Browns with green pepper,
    • shallots, and garlic.
  6. Kalbi Style Double Chicken Breast - Chicken
    • Double Chicken Breast, Kalbi Marinated - (sweet soy) then grilled.
    • Served with Gingered Scallion Cream Sauce.
    • (Garlic, onions, cilantro, scallions, sake, chix stock, cream)
    • Served with Wasabi Furikake Rice.
  7. 14 oz. Boneless Ribeye - Ribeye
    • 14 oz Grilled Boneless Ribeye with Whole Grain Mustard Cabernet Sauce.
    • (Garlic, shallots, carrots, basil, thyme, rosemary, mustard, red wine, natty)
    • Served with Scalloped Potatoes and American Veg.
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Roy's New Menu - February
Roy's New Menu - February