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  1. Describe Pugachev's Rebellion
    • Pugachev promised the serfs in Russia land and freedom
    • Largest peasant uprising in 18th century
  2. Where did other peasant revolts occur?
    Bohemia, Transylvania, Moravia, Austria, England
  3. What were the game laws and what did they represent?
    • Prevented non-nobles form hunting.
    • represented the power that land owners had over peasants
  4. What is Poaching?
    Illegal hunting
  5. What was the household model of northwestern Europe?
    • Married couple
    • children
    • servants
  6. Why would only one child of an artisan remain at home to learn the skill?
    Children could earn more money leaving home to work.
  7. What is neolocalism?
    Practice of moving away from home
  8. Why were illegitimate births rare in northwestern Europe
    Parents encouraged a couple to marry once they found out their daughter was pregnant
  9. What is a servant in the 18th century sense?
    Servant was a job used to earn money in order to start their own life
  10. What was the household model in eastern Europe.
    • Couples were young (under 20)
    • multiple generations under one roof?
  11. why was the household so important economically?
    it was impossible to get by living out of the house
  12. What was an economic necessity for European women?
  13. Having migrated from the home, what was a young woman's chief goal?
    get money for a dowry
  14. What is the "economy of expedients"?
    • Term created by Olwen Huftan
    • describes the act of family members being sent out on their own
  15. why was childbirth so dangerous?
    chance of survival was low.
  16. why was the birth of a child not always welcome?
    • Children were an economic burden
    • illegit. children were sometimes killed
  17. Why did the number of illegitimate births seem to increase in the 18th century?
    immigrants who came to Europe increased the amount of "fleeting Romances"
  18. Why were the London Foundling Hospital and Paris Foundling Hospital important?
    took in abandoned children
  19. What was the main goal of traditional peasant society?
    to ensure local food supply
  20. Describe the food prices in the 18th century
    generally, they rose
  21. What did Jethro Tull contribute?
    introduced the idea of plowing
  22. What did Charles "Turnip" Townsend contribute?
    Introduced crop rotation and how to cultivate sandy soil.
  23. What did Robert Bakewell Contribute?
    ipmoved the production of milk and meat
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