Gen Chem exam 1

  1. What is chemistry
    “the study of matter and its properties, the changes that matter undergoes, and the energy associated with these changes”
  2. macroscopic
    properties & behavior we can see (e.g., mass, volume, color, flammability)
  3. submicroscopic
    properties & behavior we cannot see(e.g., atoms, molecules, chemical bonds)
  4. The scientific method
    • Observations, Experiments, Analyses
    • Patterns, Trends, and Laws
    • Hypotheses
    • Theories an Models
  5. Law
    • Brief statement that puts together past observations and predicts future ones.
    • The statement has always observed to be true.
    • Therefore, generally accepted to be true in the future.
    •  e.g., Law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions
  6. Theory
    • An explanation of a set of related observations or events.
    • Broader deeper explanation for observations and laws
    • Based upon hypotheses that are well-established from observations and experiments
    • "Verified" continually by different scientists
  7. Measurement
    • Units- metric, prefixes, and powers of ten
    • Numbers- scientific notation
    • Uncertainty- significant figures
  8. Si for lenght?
    meter (m)
  9. SI for mass?
    kilogram (kg)
  10. SI for time?
    second (s)
  11. SI for temperature?
    kelvin (K)
  12. SI for amount of substance?
    mole (mol)
  13. SI for volume?
  14. SI for density?
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