Marine Science

  1. The vertical zone of water that extends from the top of the ocean to its bottom is called?
    Water column
  2. In what phylum does flatworm are considered to be part of?
  3. True or False

    There are both freshwater and saltwater species of flatworms.
  4. True or false

    There are more than 10,000 species of flatworms
  5. Where could you find Planarians?
    Freshwater and marine habitats
  6. Planarians feed on...?
    small organisms and organic debris.
  7. In what part of the Planarian's body is the mouth located?
    On their lower, or ventral, surface through which they take in food.
  8. The mouth of the Planarian connects to a branched of a....?
    digestive cavity.
  9. Does the Planarian have a two-way digestive tract?
  10. When the planarian eats, food enters the mouth and is digested in the?..
  11. True or False

    The Planarian have a circulatory or respiratory systems.
    False. Not because the nutrients diffuse throughout the body
  12. True or False

    The Planarian has an anus
  13. The planarian have to undigested materials throughout its
  14. The planarian glides along the bottom, moving its head from side to side. Locomotion results from the contraction of?....
    body muscles and the action of cilia .
  15. Planarian have two eyespots in their head region, which are surrounded by the,,?
  16. This act like a simple brain, sending nerve impulses along two ventral nerve cords to the rest of the body.
  17. Since the structures on the right side of its body are the same as the structures on the felt side of its body, the planarian is said to have.?
    bilateral symmetry
  18. What another feature first seen in the flatworm is the possession of three cell layers.
    What are these three cell layers?
    ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm
  19. planaria are capable of both asexual and?...
    sexual reproduction
  20. A planarian can attach to a substrate, stretch its body, and break in two. Each half can then regenerate the parts needed to form s whole new organism.
    What king of sexual reproduction is this?
  21. True or Flase

    The Planarian, like most flatworms is a hermaphrodite
  22. True or false
    We know that Planarians are hermaphrodite, so then self-fertilization occur.

    selt-fertilization does not occur
  23. Development of fertilized eggs occurs externally in tiny capsules or cocoons.Offspring hatch from the cocoons in 2 to 3 weeks.
    What kind of reproduction explaing on the above on the Planarian is this?
    Sexual Reproduction
  24. Is an organism that obtains its food by living in or on the body of another organism.
  25. The organism that is fed on is called?
    The Host
  26. This king of worm is sometimes found in the intestines of fish and other animals, including humans and also attaches itself to the intestinal lining of its host and absorbs nutrients directly through its thin body wall.
    The tapeworm
  27. This worm could grow more than 18 meters in length
  28. True or false

    The trematode is a flatworm and is NOT a Parasite.

    The trematode is a Parasite
  29. This worm lives in the bodies of mollusks, fish, birds. It also attaches to a fish's skin and then forms a cyst in which it lives within the fish's tissues.
    Trematode or fluke
  30. If you happen to be in the water when the trematode larvae are looking for a host, they may attach to your skin, causing what is called?
    Swimmer's itch
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