1. An offset screwdriver should be used for setting or removing screws that...
    are in restricted vertical spaces
  2. What type of pliers install and remove cotter pins?
  3. What type of pliers grasp and hold objects?
  4. What type of pliers may be clamped or locked into position?
    Vise grip
  5. Which of the following features is common to both needle-nose and duckbill pliers?
    They are delicate
  6. What type of pliers is used for cutting small wire and cotter pins?
  7. Which of the following operations should NOT be performed with diagonal pliers?
    Twisting safety wire
  8. To save time in safety wiring nuts and bolts, what type of pliers should you use?
  9. Which of the following is NOT a reason for a tool to be designated a special tool?
    It is an easily broken tool
  10. What is used to measure the amount of turning or twisting force applied to a nut, bolt, or screw?
    torque wrench
  11. Which of the following torque wrenches have a dial or scale to visually read the torque applied?
    Dial-indicating and deflecting beam
  12. What indication, if any, does the micrometer setting type of torque wrench give when the desired amount of torque is reached?
    A click is given off, followed by free travel of the handle for a short distance
  13. Before returning a micrometer-setting torque wrench to storage, you should place it at what setting?
    Its lowest torque setting
  14. If the correct torque value is not specified, which of the following publications should you consult?
    NA 01-1A-8
  15. By using the proper torque on a screw that is holding structures together, it enables the structures to retain their designed strength and greatly reduces the possibility of their failure due to which of the following reasons?
  16. What torque should be applied to a series of bolts on a flange or other common area?
  17. If you use an 8-inch extension handle on a 12-inch torque wrench, what will be the indicated torque on the wrench if recommended torque for the component is 125 inch-pounds?

    ( S = T x L/ E + L )
    75.0 inch-pounds
  18. What would the torque be for question 17 if the extension was pointed back towards the handle?
    375.0 inch-pounds
  19. When the anvil face of a micrometer becomes dirty, it must be cleaned with emery cloth.
  20. Most aircraft bolts are of what type series thread?
    National fine (NF)
  21. The grip of a bolt is located in which of the following areas?
    The area from the bottom of the bolt head to the top of the threads
  22. What relation should the grip length have to the materials being bolted together?
    It should be equal to the thickness of the bolted materials
  23. If an aircraft bolt becomes unserviceable, you must consider which of the following bolt dimensions for its replacement?

    Head thickness and width?
    Each of the above
  24. AN bolts come in what total number of head styles?
  25. Which head style is common to AN, NAS, and MS aircraft bolts?
  26. Which of the following factors indicates the material of which standard bolts are made if it is a closer-tolerance bolt?
    Head markings
  27. Which nonself-locking nust is used with a drilled-shank AN hex-head bolt?
    castle nut
  28. What type of nut is to be used with a drilled clevis bolt under shearing stress?
    castellated shear
  29. Which of the following nuts, used to provide a tight connection, does NOT loosen under vibration?
    self-locking nuts
  30. What are the two general types of self-locking nuts?
    All-metal and nonmetallic insert
  31. If a steel bolt is used to secure magnesium alloy members, what washer arrangement is required?
    Aluminum alloy washers should be used under the head and nut
  32. What are the general classes of washers used in aircraft structures?
    Plain, lock, and special
  33. What class of washer is used under lockwashers to prevent damage to surfaces of soft material?
  34. A lockwasher should be used with which of the following nuts?
    plain hex
  35. A star washer may be used what total number of times?
  36. Tab washers may be used what total number of times?
  37. Improperly installed clamps can cause line chaffing and hide the damage.
  38. What does the term "safetying" mean?
    Securing aircraft fasteners so they will not work loose
  39. What safety wiring method should be used in places that are hard to reach?
    The single-wire method
  40. When six widely spaced bolts are being safety wired by the double-twist method, what procedure should you follow?
    A group of three should be the maximum number safety wired in one series
  41. When safety wiring closely spaced bolts, what is the longest wire you can use to safety wire the most bolts in a series?
    24 inches
  42. What total number of twists should be in a pigtail one-half inch long?
  43. Engine hot sections require which of the following types of special hardware?
    Inconel safety wire and asbestos Adell clamps
  44. For what reason is safety an important maintenance factor?
    To minimize injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment and aircraft.
  45. Support equipment that is modified under the service life extension program (SLEP) is designated in accordance with which of the following publications?
  46. Which of the following pieces of equipment is listed on the chart with the designation of A/M27A-10?
    Hydraulic pumping unit
  47. Which of the following pieces of equipment would have the A/M32C-17 designation?
    Mobile air conditioner
  48. MIL-STD-875A standardizes support equipment designations for Navy and Marine squadrons only...
  49. Which of the following types of support equipment would you most likely work with?

    All of the above
  50. Which of the following mobile electrical power plants is designed mainly for emergency use aboard aircraft carriers?
  51. The NC-2 mobile power unit is propelled by what type of power source?
    a diesel engine
  52. Which of the following characteristics of a NC-2 power plant is considered dangerous?
    rear-wheel steering
  53. To move the NC-8A mobile power unit from one aircraft to another, at least one of the external servicing cables has to be plugged into the propulsion power lock circuit.
  54. false
  55. Which of the following features is common to the NC-2A, NC-81, and NC-10B power plants?
    diesel engine powered
  56. Which of the following general hazards apply to the NC-10 MEPP?

    No lockout circuit to prevent moving the unit away while still connected to aircraft?
    Diesel engine noise?
    Hot, noxious exhaust gases?
    All of the above
  57. Which, if any, of the following is a function or characteristic of the mobile motor-generators (MMG-1 and MMG-2)?

    Requires external 120 power?
    Converts 115/200 hangar voltage to 220/440 for aircraft avionics operation?
    Self-propelled, electrical motor driven generator?
    None of the above
  58. Mobile air-conditioners are being used during maintenance on many aircraft. Since you will be working with and around this support equipment, you should be familiar with its hazards.
  59. Which of the following characteristics of the air-conditioning refrigerant R-22 is hazardous to personnel?
    It displaces oxygen in the air
  60. What is the purpose of switch No. 17?
    It stops the unit in emergency situations, without cooling the engine or allowing refrigeration pump down
  61. Mobile air conditioners are designed to cool, ventilate, or dehumidify and filter the air used in aircraft cabins and compartments. Which one of the following switches selects these different operating modes?
  62. In the interest of safety, when working around a gas turbine compressor unit, which of the following conditions should personnel constantly be aware of?

    Ingestion of tools, rags, or any other FOD in the jet engine inlet can damage the engine?
    The sound intensity produced by the units are high enough to cause permanent hearing loss?
    Hose ruptures or disconnects, especially during the initial surge of air through the hose?
    All of the above
  63. GTC exhaust gases can be extremely dangerous because of the high heat. When positioning GTCs you must be aware of the distance and direction of exhaust gases to prevent which of the following hazards?

    Injury to personnel?
    Damage to aircraft?
    Igniting external weapons?
    All of the above
  64. What type of power is supplied by the gas turbine compressor for starting turbojet engines?
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