1. METAR
    An hourly routine observation
  2. SPECI
    A special observation
  3. TESTM
    Test observation from uncomissioned site.
  4. The 4 W's of METAR
    • Where
    • When
    • Who
    • WInd
  5. Identifier PA
    The identifier for Pacific Alaska
  6. Identifier PH
    The identifier for Pacific Hawaiian
  7. Identifier CU CW CZ CY
    Canadian Identifiers
  8. WInd direction is allways referred to as coming "______" true "_______".
    From, True North
  9. Wind: VRB
    Variable (wind speed 6 knots or less).
  10. Visability: R
    Runway visual range.
  11. Metar: P
  12. Metar: M
    Minus or less than
  13. Weather is...
    What's blowing around or falling out of the sky.
  14. Precipitation: RA
  15. Precipitation: DZ
  16. Precipitation: SN
  17. Precipitation: PE
    Ice PEllets
  18. Precipitation: SG
    Snow Grains
  19. Precipitation: IC
    Ice Crystals
  20. Precipitation: UP
    Unknown Precepitation
  21. Precipitation: GR
    Hail >1/4 in.
  22. Precipitation: GS
    Small Hail/ Snow Pellets
  23. Observations to Visability are known as...
  24. Obscurations: FG
    Fog. Visability nis 1/2 mile or less.
  25. Obscurations: BR
  26. Obscurations: FU
  27. Obsurations: PY
  28. Obsurations: SA
  29. Obsurations: DU
  30. Obscurations: HZ
  31. Obsurations: VA
    Volcanic Ash
  32. What is a Squall?
    Sustained wind speeds at least 16kts, sustained at 22kts or more for one minute or more.
  33. Other Weather: FC
    Funnel Cloud
  34. Other Weather: +FC
    Tornado or Waterspout
  35. Other Weather: DS
    Dust Storm
  36. Other Weather: SS
    Sand Storm
  37. Other Weather: PO
    Dust or Sand Whirl (dust devel). Think Polish off.
  38. Descriptors: TS
    Thunder Storm
  39. Descriptors: SH
  40. Descriptors: FZ
  41. Descriptors: BL
    Blowing. >6' in height above the ground.
  42. Descriptors: DR
    Low Drifting <6' in height above the ground.
  43. Visability: FG
  44. MI
  45. Visability: PR
  46. Visability: BC
  47. Present Weather Format
    • Intensity
    • Descriptor
    • Precipitation
    • Obscuration
    • Other
  48. Percipitation Intensity
    • - = Light
    • + = heavy
    • Blank = moderate
  49. Intensity is listed from what to what?
    The most servere the in decreasing effect on flight.

    Only refers to visability or obsurations. Not for weather intensity.
  50. VC
  51. Visability: MIFG
    Shallow Fog
  52. Sky Condition: is reported in what fraction?
  53. Sky Conditions: Height is given in a three digit format. HOw do you decipher?
    Leading zeros are added in order to fill in all the spaces. Add two zeros to the ent to get the feet in height.
  54. Sky Conditions: SKC or CLR
    Sky clear or clear
  55. Sky Conditions: Few
    Few >0 - 2/8
  56. Sky Conditions: SCT
    Scattered 3/8 to 4/8
  57. Sky Conditions: BKN
    Broken 5/8 to 7/8
  58. Sky Conditions: OVC
    Overcast 8/8
  59. Sky Conditions: VV
    Vertical Visability. Indefinate Ceiling.

    IE VV005 is airport to ceiling is 500'. Height indefinate.
  60. Sky Conditions: Whick layer represents the ceiling?
    The lowest layer of Broken or Overcast clouds.
  61. Sky Conditions: TCU
    Towering Cumulus
  62. Sky Conditions: CB
  63. Partial Obsuration:
    • FEW000 >0 - 2/8
    • SCT000 3/8 - 4/8
    • BKN000 5/8 - 7/8
  64. Temperature: ?/?
  65. Celsius to Fahrenheight Conversion formula
    C x 2 +30 = F
  66. Remarks: RMK
  67. Remarks: Tornado
  68. Remarks: A01,A02
    Type auto
  69. Remarks: PK Wind
    Peak Wind
  70. Remarks: WShift
  71. Remarks: TWR VIS
    Tower Visability
  72. Remarks: SFC VIS
    Surface Visability
  73. Remarks: LTG
  74. Remarks: RAB,RAE
    Rain Began, Rain Ended
  75. Remarks: TSB, TSE
    Time Thunderstorm Began, Time Thunderstorm Ended.
  76. Remarks: SLP
    Sea Level Pressure is always in Hectopascals, same as Millibars. Add a decimal point before the last digit and a 9 or 10 in the front to get closest to 1000.
  77. Remarks: How to read temperature?
    In the remarks section provides a more accurate reading of temp.

    First digit T means Temperature. Second igit 0=positive temp, 1=minus temp.

    Expressed as T10641074. Temp is Minus 6.4C, Dewpoint is minus 7.4c.
  78. Remarks: $
    Maintnance Needed at Station
  79. Remarks: =
    End of report
  80. What is TAF?
    Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
  81. How many times are TAF's issued daily?
    4 Times a day

    • 0000z
    • 0600z
    • 1200z
    • 1800z
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