Spanish Civilization

  1. adelantado
    a person with the highest political, military, and judicial power over a certain region in america in the early days of the Spanish conquest and colonial period. He often financed an expedition in exchange for land and honors.
  2. andaluces
    people from Andalusia
  3. araucano o mapuche
    Araucanian Indians from Chile and Argentina
  4. audiencias
    institutions responsible for law enforcement, which also exercised control over political authorities.
  5. cabildo
    institution that had powers similar to a town council's
  6. cabildo abierto
    general assembly of a cabildo
  7. cacique
    Indian chief
  8. capítan general
    captain-general highest civilian authority in a region
  9. Casa de Contratación
    Chamber of Commerce set up by the spanish monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand
  10. Consejo de Indias
    institution created in 1509 with administrative and economic powers over Spanish America
  11. criollos
    Spaniards born in America
  12. cuzqueña (pintura)
    style of painting developed in colonial Cuzco
  13. encomendero, encomienda
    estates granted Spanish settlers. Indians living on the estates were in the charge of and encomendero, who looked after their interests and converted them to Christianity.
  14. extremeños
    people from extremadura
  15. fue amonestada
    was reprimanded
  16. hidalgos
  17. leyes de Indias
    laws governing Spanish America
  18. mano de obra
  19. mestizo
    person of mixed Indian and Spanish descent
  20. mita
    institution that regulated the work of the Indians at mines and public works
  21. mudéjar (pintura)
    Islami-influenced art
  22. quiteña (pintura)
    style of painting developed in colonial Quito
  23. reducciones
    Indian villages created by spanish missionaries during the colonial period
  24. terrateniente
  25. trazó una raya
    drew a line
  26. virreinato
  27. virrey
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Spanish Civilization
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