MGT 254 - Chapter 5

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  1. What is leadership?
    The ability to make strategic decisions and use communication effectively to mobilize group members toward achieving a common goal.
  2. What are the types of Position Power?
    • Legitimate Power - relies on job title
    • Reward Power - controls and gives out valued resources
    • Coercive Power - Controls and deals out sanctions and punishments
    • Infromational Power - controls and transmits info and resources.
  3. What are the types of personal power?
    • Expert power - relies on expertise and credentials
    • Referent power - relies on members' high opinion of and experiences with the leader.
    • Persuavive power - relies on effective communication skills.
    • Charismatic power - relies on leader's character, competence and vitality.
  4. How are designated leaders different from emergent leaders?
    • Designated leaders are selected by group members or outside authority.
    • Emergent leaders gradually achieve leadership by helping the group achieve its goals.
  5. In the Styles Theory, are democratic leaders usually the best?
  6. When are autocratic leaders effective?
    In a crisis or chaotic situation.
  7. When are laissez-faire leaders effective?
    In mature and highly productive groups.
  8. What are negatives to a task-motivated leader who get the job done even at the cost of getting along with other members?
    • Ignore group morale.
    • May do the work of other members because they are not satisfied.
  9. What are negatives to a relationship-motivated leader who gets along with other members at the cost of getting the job done?
    • May ignore task requirements
    • Tolerate disruptive members
    • Appear inefficient and weak
    • Do the work of other members to avoid asking them to do more.
  10. What are the 5-M's in the 5-M model of leadership effectiveness?
    • Model leadership behaviour
    • Motivate members
    • Manage group process
    • Make decisions
    • Mentor members
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