Biology 121 Chapter 7

  1. Equation for photosynthesis
    6 Water molecule's + 6 Carbon dioxide molecule's + light is converted into 1 Glucose molecule and 6 Oxygen molecule's
  2. What is photosynthesis?
    Photosynthesis (photo = light and synthesis = to make) is the process plants use to change carbon dioxide into sugar using sunlight. This sugar, glucose, is their food, and the process gives off oxygen
  3. Carbon Fixation
    Occurs in Stroma

    Converts CO2 into Carbohydrates

    It is a light-independent reaction
  4. Calvin-Benson Cycle
    Light independent reactions that occur in the stroma within the process Carbon Fixation
  5. Light-Dependent reactions occur in________
    Thykaloid membranes
  6. Thykaloid Membranes
    Thykaloid contains thousands of copies of 2 photosystems: Photosystem I (PS I) And Photosystem II (PS II)
  7. Photosystems
    Each photosystem contains 250-400 Chlorophyll and pigment molecules

    Pigments absorb light and pass energy to the reaction center
  8. Chloroplasts
    • Contain Chlorophyll
    • Chlorophyll is the main pigment that absorbs all light except green
  9. 3-step for Photosynthesis Light-Dependent Reactions
    • 1. Sun emitts light energy which is (400-750 nm)
    • 2. The light is either absorbed or reflected off surface.
    • 3. The Chloroplasts contain chlorophyll that absorb these types of light radiation that is emitted.
  10. Chemiosmosis
    Creates the hydrogen ion gradiant

    is partially responsible for ATP Synthesis
  11. C3 and C4 plants
    C3 are plants like red oaks, they are more wasteful and produce less sugar(glucose)

    C4 however, are plants like sugar cane, they are less wastefull and produce a lot of sugar(glucose)
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