Chemistry test 1

  1. what is a solution
    a mixture composed of one substance uniformly mixed with another substance
  2. what is a homogeneous mixture
    a mixture that everthing mixed up like water and salt
  3. what are the components of a solution
    a slovent and a solute
  4. what is a solvent
    the component that determines the phase of the solution usally the bigger one
  5. what is the solute
    all the other componets of a solution the smaller amount
  6. what dissloves in what
    the sloute always in the solvent
  7. what are the three types of solutions
    • unsaturated solution
    • saturated solution
    • supersaterated solution
  8. what is a unsaturated solution
    when in the solution the solute is lower than the solubility point
  9. what is a saturated solution
    when the solute is equal to the solubility point
  10. what is a supersaturated solution
    when there is more salute in them then there is suppose to be
  11. what is the general rule when it comes to attraction between a solvent and solute
    like dissolves like
  12. formulas with OH in them are most likley to dissolve in _________ and the less that OH gets then the more _________ they get
    • water
    • polar
  13. most solid solutes soluility ________ with temp.
  14. the solubilitiy of a gas solute ______ with temp.
  15. what does miscible mean
    liquid that completly mix together and there is nothing visable left
  16. what does immiscible mean
    liquids that do not mix together
  17. when a liquid is immiscible what happens to the solution
    the less dense liquid of the two is at the top
  18. what is special about two liquids that dont mix together
    they are polar and nonpolar liquids
  19. what is a good thing about having two layers in a immiscible liquid
    because you can drop somthing that will dissolve in one thing and not in another so that you can sift things out
  20. what is ppm
    parts per million
  21. what is ppb
    parts per billion
  22. what can change with temp. but not with mass
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