Sign Language Test Unit 5

  1. To ask a "when" question, do the following:
    • 1. Name the activity
    • Raise brows
    • 2. Ask "when"
    • Lower brows
    • Lean head forward
    • Hold the last sign
  2. To ask a "what on did/what one will do" question, do the following:
    • 1. Name the day
    • Raise brows
    • 2. Ask what person did/will do
    • Lower brow
    • Lean head forward
    • Hold the last sign
  3. Practice Agreement Verbs
    • I give you
    • I take from you
    • I throw to you
    • I ask you
  4. Establish tense
    Where is future, past and present?
    Be able to to locate past, present and future.
  5. Remember role shifting
    • Talk from daughter to mom
    • Talk from mom to daughter
  6. Designating locations for non-present people
    Practice giving people locations and duties
  7. Are you done?
    Give negative and positive responses
  8. When telling about an "out of the ordinary" activity do what 4 things?
    • 1. Tell what happened, tell when it happened
    • 2. Tell who you did the activity with, using a plural pronoun if needed
    • 3. Tell what you did, giving adequate details so you listener can appreciate your experience
    • 4. End the description by commenting on the experience
  9. Plural pronouns
    • 1. The two of us
    • 2. The three of us
    • 3. The four of us
    • 4. The five of us
    • 5. All of us
  10. Understanding fingerspelling
    • 1. Watch the movement of the letters to help figure our the fingerspelled word
    • 2. Use context provided by the sentence to help understand what word is spelled
    • 3. Catch the first few letters and last letter and relying on context, make an educated guess for the word
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Sign Language Test Unit 5
Sign Language Test Unit 5