Biology 121 Chp 6

  1. Kinetic Energy
    energy in the form of motion
  2. Potential Energy
    energy that is stored
  3. 1st Law of Thermodynamics
    -Describes the availability and usefulness of energy

    -Energy can neither be created nor destroyed(Law of Conservation of Energy)
  4. Entropy
    an energy that is lost when converted from one form to another

    ex. is chemical energy to thermal
  5. Chemical Reactions convert ____ to ____
    reactants to products
  6. Exergonic reactions
    Release energy
  7. Endergonic Reactions
    Require an input of energy
  8. ATP is
    the principle energy carrier in cells
  9. ADP
    When you add a phosphate group to ADP, it becomes ATP
  10. Catalysts
    work by reducing the amount of activation energy required by a reaction
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