Chem Ch13

  1. Define reaction rate and give the formula.
    • The speed of a chemical reaction. Also, the change in concentration of reactant or product over some time interval. Units are usually M/s.
    • rate = Δ[A]/Δt
  2. Define average rate and give the formula.
    • Change in concentration over some finite interval of time.
    • rate = [A]2 - [A]1 / t2 - t1
  3. Define instantaneous rate.
    The rate of change of concentration at a specific instant of time. Think: tangent line to the reaction rate curve.
  4. What is the relative rate for the following formula?

    aA + bB --> cC + dD
    rate = - 1/a (Δ[A]/Δt) = -1/b (Δ[B]/Δt) = 1/c (Δ[C]/Δt) = 1/d (Δ[D]/Δt)
  5. What is the formula to determine the order of the reaction?
    • solve for n:
    • ([A]2/[A]1)n = rate2/rate1
  6. What is the rate law?
    rate = k [A]n[B]m
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