Exam 2

  1. Stages of dying
    • Denial
    • Anger
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Acceptance
  2. 4 choices for care
    • Home care
    • Hospice care
    • Residential care
    • Acute care
  3. Respite care
    Relief for the caregivers
  4. Residential care
    Nursing homes
  5. Acute care
    In hospital
  6. Hospice care
    A facility for addressing the care of the terminally ill
  7. Signs of dying heart failure
    • Hypotension
    • Irregular wek rapid pulse
    • Mottled skin
  8. Signs of dying liver failure
    • Internal bleeding
    • Edema
    • Jaundice
    • N-v
    • Anorexia impaired digestion
  9. Signs of dying lungs
    • Dyspnea
    • Death rattle accumulation of fluid
  10. Signs of death kidney failure
    • Olguria
    • Anuria
    • Pruritis
  11. Signs of death brain
    • Fever
    • Confusion
    • Stupor
    • Coma
    • Reduced sensations and reflexes
  12. Hypoesthesia
    Reduced sensations
  13. Hyporeflexia
    Reduced reflexes
  14. Who discusses the harvesting of organs
    Organ procurement officer
  15. Autopsy
    Examination of the organs and tissues of the body after death
  16. Anticipatory grieving
    Grieving that begins before the loss occurs
  17. Pathological grief
    Dysfunctional grief ppl can't accept the death
  18. Resolution of grief
    The ability to talk about the deceased
  19. Members of the nursing team
    • RN
    • LPN
    • Nursing assistant
    • Student nurse
  20. CNS is what
    Clinical nurse specialist
  21. What is a CNS
    Master nurse who specializes in an area focuses on research
  22. NP
    Nurse practitioner
  23. CNM stands for
    Certified nurse midwife
  24. CRNA stands for
    Certified registered nurse anesthetist
  25. CNM specializes in
    Women's health
  26. CRNA are
    Similar to anesthesiologist
  27. The role of the LPN is dependent on
  28. HAP stands for
    Unlicensed assistive personnel
  29. Case method of nursing
    One nurse to one patient
  30. Functional nursing
    Each nurse or aid is assigned tasks to perform on every patient
  31. Team method of nursing
    RN LPN and aids all work together to provide patient care
  32. Primary method
    RN has total responsibility
  33. Case management
    A nurse or social worker who oversees the clients overall health care among all teams
  34. Patient focused care
    Making acute care settings more patient focused
  35. What is a unit manager responsible for
    Supervising and coordinating management functions for patient units
  36. DHHS stands for
    Dept of health and human services
  37. VNA stands for
    Visiting nurse association
  38. What 6 agencies make up the usphs
    • Fda
    • Cdc
    • Nih
    • Hsa
    • Hra
    • Alcohol drug abuse and mental health administration
  39. NIH stands for
    National institute of health
  40. HSA stands for
    Health services administration
  41. HRA stands for
    Health resources admin
  42. WHO stands for
    World health organization
  43. What is the major objective of WHO
    Highest possible level of health for ppl all over through world
  44. APN stands for
    Advanced practice nurse
  45. Ambulatory care facilities are also known as
    Urgent care center
  46. What is custodial care
    Assistance with ADL's
  47. SNF
    Skilled nursing facilities
  48. What are the two types of health care settings
    Public and private
  49. Explain private setting health care
    They charges fees for services
  50. 2 types of public setting health care
    Government and voluntary
  51. Money for public health care settings comes from....
  52. Money for public health care settings comes from...
  53. Ex. Of public health care settings
    • Local and state health dept
  54. Ex. Of public health care settings
    • American heart association.
    • Alcoholics anonymous
  55. Ex. Of private health care settings
    ER primary care settings,etc
  56. Focus of public health care settings
    Disease prevention and wellness promotion
  57. Focus of public health care settings
    Reasearch and education
  58. Focus of private health care setting
    Curing illness and disease
  59. Purpose of rehabilitation
    Return function and prevent further disability
  60. 3 types of nursing homes
    Short term care,long term care,intermediate care
  61. Types of clients that use short term care
    For clients wit complex med needs following discharge
  62. Goal of short term care
    To return home
  63. Short term care has access to nurses
  64. Clients that require long term care
    Clients wit chronic med prob
  65. Goal of long term care
    To manage chronic conditions
  66. Access to nursing care in long term care
  67. Clients that use intermediate care
    Clients requiring limited nursing care
  68. Goal for clients in intermediate care
    Assistance with ADL's
  69. 4 types of alternatives of nursing homes
    Independent,board and care homes,enriched homes,assisted care facilities
  70. Description of independent living
    Apt communities for seniors
  71. Services provided by independent living
    Social activities and trans services
  72. Description of board and care homes
    Single family homes for clients wit similar needs
  73. Services provided by board and care homes
    Assistance with ADL's and self med admin
  74. Description of enriched housing
    Retirement community
  75. Services provided by enriched housing
    At least one meal a day,lawn care,ice or snow shoveling
  76. Descibe assisted care facilities
    Private rooms for older adults who need help with ADL's
  77. Services provided by assisted living
    Bathing. Daily activities.med admin
  78. Culture
    A set of learned beliefs,values,and behaviors
  79. 4 steps process of cultural competence
    • Acknowledging that pts. Will have cultural differences
    • developing an awareness of the cultures in your area
    • Performing cultural assessments on pts
    • Altering the plan of care to accommodate for cultural differences
  80. Customs
    Generally accepted ways of doing things within a culture
  81. Assimilation means
    Member of a subculture taking on the customs of the main culture
  82. Ethnocentrism means
    Belief that one culture is superior to another
  83. Prejudice means
    Intolerance of another culture
  84. Discrimination
    Withholding rights or privileges from a cultural groul
  85. Stereotyping
    Inaccurate generalizations used to describe all members of a specific groups
  86. Philosophy of individual worth
    A person has a right to live according to their personal beliefs and values as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others
  87. Spirituality is
    Ideals and beliefs that deal with life death hope and suffering
  88. Religion is
    Specific beliefs and customs used to express spiritualty
  89. What type of questions do u ask to help pts. And family members verbalize beliefs fears and concerns
    Opened ended
  90. Proselyter means
    A person who tries to convert another person to ones own religious beliefs
  91. Agnostic means
    Belief that the existence of higher being can neither be proved or disproved
  92. Atheist means
    Belief there is no higher being
  93. General beliefs and practices for Jewish pts.
    Jews believe in God but not in Christ
  94. Jewish observation of the Sabbath is..
    Sunset on Fri to sunset on Sat
  95. Dietary rules for Jewish pts.
    Kosher diet some do not eat pork,ham,or eggs wit blood spots
  96. What does a kosher diet involve
    Meat may be consumed a few minutes after drinking milk, but 6 hours must pass after eating meat before drinking milk
  97. Dying Jewish pts. Beliefs and practices
    • Family wants to be with pt at all times
    • Do not believe in autopsies,embalming, or cremation
    • Nurse should not touch the body of the deceased pt
  98. Beliefs for baptism
    Necessary for salvation and initiation into the community. Removes all sins
  99. If a child is gravely ill or born stillborn who can baptize the infant
    The nurse
  100. Diet restriction for catholics
    None except abstain from meat on ash Wednesday and all fridays during lent
  101. Sexuality and catholics
    Abortion is not allowed natural methods of family planning are allowed
  102. When do Muslims pray
    After dawn,at noon,in mid afternoon,after sunset, and at night
  103. How is the Koran handled
    Can not touch it or place anything on top of it
  104. Beliefs of female modesty muslims
    Prefer to be clothed from head to ankle
  105. Death practices muslims
    • Women may be barred from the room
    • Body has to be turned towards mecca
    • The family washes the body and seals the orifices with cotton
  106. How soon must a Muslim be buried
    Within 24 hours
  107. Christian scientist beliefs
    Believes sin causes sickness and studying the bible will heal them
  108. Dietary for buddist
    Most are lacto-ovo vegetarians
  109. How do Hispanic Americans believe the evil eye can be given
    If a person makes eye contact with the child without touching the child on the head
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