1. Image Upload 2

    what is this?
    nervous tissue
  2. Image Upload 4

    where can you find this?
  3. Image Upload 6

    what is the function of this?
    transit electrical signals from sensory receptors
  4. Image Upload 8

    what are those really small dots behind the neurons?
    nuclei of supporting cells
  5. what are the tails of the neurons?
    neuron processes
  6. Image Upload 10

    what is this?
  7. Image Upload 12

    what is the function of this?
    transport of respiratory gases & nutrients
  8. Image Upload 14

    where can you find this?
    within blood vessels
  9. Image Upload 16

    what is the white background?
  10. Image Upload 18

    what is the top purple squirmy ?
  11. Image Upload 20

    what the big purple bottom one?
  12. Image Upload 22

    what's the circular pinkish things?
    red blood cells
  13. Image Upload 24

    what is this?
    bone tissue
  14. what is the fxn of bone tisse?
    bone supports and protects
  15. Image Upload 26

    what is this?
  16. where you find collagen fibers?
  17. what are chondrocytes in lacunae?
    they're like the nucleus in the cartilages
  18. what is the function of fibrocartilage?
    tensile strength with ability to absorb compressive shock
  19. where can you find fibrocartilage?
    intervertebral discs
  20. Image Upload 28

    what is this? & what is the brown background?
    elastic cartilage & matrix
  21. where can you find elastic cartilage?
    external ear
  22. what is the function of elastic cartilage?
    maintains shape of structure w/ flexibility
  23. chondrocytes in lacuna is found where?

    where are chondrocytes in lacunae?
    hyaline & elastic. in lacunae is in fibrocartiliage.
  24. Image Upload 30

    what is this? & what is the background?
    hyaline cartilage; matrix
  25. what is the fxn of hyaline cartilage?
    supports and reinforces
  26. where can you find hyaline cartilage?
    cartilages of trachea
  27. what is the fxn of dense irregular tissue?
    provides structural strength
  28. location of dense irregular ct?
    dermis of the skin
  29. Image Upload 32

    what is this? what's the purple dots? what kind of fibers does this have?
    dense irregular; nuclei of fibroblasts; collagen fibers
  30. Image Upload 34

    what is this? what's the purple things? what kind of fibers does this have?
    dense regular; nuclei of fibroblasts; collagen fibers
  31. location of dense regular?
  32. fxn of dense regular?
    attaches muscle-muscle/bone or bone-bone
  33. Image Upload 36

    what is this? what's the dots? what's the big white blobs?
    adipose; nuclei of FAT CELLS; vacuole
  34. where can you find adipose?
    under skin
  35. what's the fxn of adipose ct?
    provides reserve fuel
  36. what kind of fibers does areolar ct have?
    elastic fibers & collagen fibers
  37. Image Upload 38

    what is this? which one is the elastic fiber?
    areolar ct; the elastic is the skinny dark one.
  38. Image Upload 40
    what are the collagen fibers? what are the purple dots?
    the fat red ones; the purple dots are fibroblast nuclei
  39. what's the fxn of areolar ct?
    wraps & cushions organs
  40. where can you find areolar ct?
    widely distributed under epithelia
  41. what is the fxn of mesenchyme ct?
    gives rise to all other connective tissue
  42. where can you find mesenchyme ct?
  43. Image Upload 42

    the lines are? what's the purple sperm lookalike?
    just fibers. ;; mesenchymal cell
  44. where is the central canal?
    the center of the bone tissue
  45. where are osterocytes in lacunae?
    dot lookalikes surrounding the central canal of the bone tissue
  46. what do fibroblasts do?
    maintain connective tissue fiber
  47. what do mast calls do & where can you find them??
    help with inflammation;;; adipose ct
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