U.S History

  1. AEF
    American Expeditionary Force; led by John J Pershing, were infantryman that were nick names "Doughboys"
  2. Convoy system
  3. Heavy guards of destroyers escorted merchants ships back and fourth across the atlantic in what (kind of system)
  4. Luistiania
  5. a British passenger ship that was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1915. carried 128 americans
  6. No Man's Land
    a barren expanse of mud pockmarked with shells craters and filled with barbed wire
  7. trench warfars
    what was the new sdtrategy that armies used to fight for mere yards of grounds
  8. zimmermann note
    intercepted telegram called mexico to join the war if the united states did
  9. mechanized warfare
    warfare that relies on machines powered by gasoline and diesel engines is called....
  10. great migration
    large scale movment of hundreds of thousands of southern blacks to cities in the north
  11. league of nations
    provided a forum for nations to disscuss and settle their gricevaces without having to resort to war
  12. CPI
  13. to popularize the war, the goverment set up the nation's first propaganda agency
  14. espionage and sedition acts
    A person could be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to jail for 20 years if interferring with war effort.
  15. militarism
    the policy of building up strong armed forces to prepare for war
  16. propoganda
    biased communucation designed to influence people's thoughts and actions
  17. WIB
  18. War Industry Board- main wartime regulatory body, established to reorganize the industries
  19. Reparations
  20. Payment for damages after a war became the responsibility of the germany due to the treaty
  21. fourteen points
    suggerstions for the treaty
  22. treaty of versaille
    document was draftd to end WWI, it harshly punished Germany
  23. Imperialism
  24. term cause was the competion for colonies
  25. Rationing
    effort to converve food for the war this was encouraged
  26. Bonds
    Perople were asked to buy these to contribute financially to the war
  27. punishment of germany
  28. *required to admit blame for startingWWI
    • *pay for cost of war ( ammunition, house desconstruction) $300 billion
    • *Small armies, allies took armie over
  29. what lead to the war in europe
  30. *Nationalism:tensions grew as nations pursued only their own interests
    • *Imperialism: rivalries increased as nations jockeyed for power around the world
    • *Militarism: the nations developed strong armed forces to back up their growing empires
    • *Alliances: a series of treates grouped the nations of europe into two armed camps
  31. who declared war on russia's ally, france?
  32. *germany supported austria-hungary
    *great britian, france ally, declared war on germany
  33. what led the united states into WWI?
  34. Sinking of american ships
  35. how did the war change american society?
  36. -bernard m. baruch organized WIB
    • -Some Industries Boomed(metal work,shipbilding,meat packing) workers lost working power due to high prices
    • -union member ship grew dramatically
    • -food administration encouraged people to change waay of eatting
    • -anti german backlash
    • -congress passed espionage and sedition acts
    • -women took men jobs
  37. True
    true or false : Wilson's plan for world peace was called fourteen points
  38. False- that NO secret treaties
    true or false: Wilison's plan stated that only secret treaties should be abboud bettween nations
  39. True
    true or false: trade should be encouraged by eliminatinating or lowering tariffs between nations
  40. False- SHOULD consider
    true or false: European goverments should not consider colonial peoples when making decisions
  41. False- the french; treaty of Versilles
    true or false; The british representive at the treaty of berlin was george clemenceau
  42. False- The Big Four were
    true or flase; German and African people were invited to the versailles peace conference
  43. False- Ottoman empire
    true or false; out of the austro- hungarian empire, the treaty of versaukkes established mandates to be controlled by the birtish and french
  44. true
    true or flase: Yugoslavia, Czehoclovakia, and poland were created by the treaty of versailles
  45. False- to rebuild EUROPE
    true or false: The treaty of versailles sought to rebuild germany and not punishment it
  46. False- Was superstitious
    true or false: senator henry cabot lodge supported the treaty of versailles and the leagure of nations
  47. False- to the leauge led to the fialure
    true or false: President wilson's commitment to the leauge led to the senate's ratification of the treaty of versailles
  48. False- wasn't a guided
    true or false: determination was a guiding perinciple of the treaty of versailles
  49. False- Returned to normalcy
    true or false: After the war, most americans desired a " return to interventing in coloial affairs"
  50. True
    true or false: The post war conditions in germany - inflation, a depression, and political instabilyit- led to the rise of adolf hitler in the 1930's
  51. True
    • true or false:
    • Germany had to pay reparations and sign a war guilt clause as a result of the treaty of versailles
  52. who were allies
    consisted of france, great britian and russia
  53. central powers
    group of nations that opposed the allies
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