PDC Week 4

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    Locate and know the “greatest lesson to be learned as a pledge and
    a brother.”
    • o
    • “…extinction of self for the good of all and obedience
    • to the will of our Grand Fraternity.”
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    What are the four reasons, or purposes of the Achievement Award
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    • Promote chapter correspondence with the national office

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    • To encourage communication between chapters

    • o
    • To improve the chapter’s relations with their alumni

    • o
    • To provide a framework for chapters in upholding the
    • ideals of PDC
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    Which PDC award may be given to a recipient who is not a member of
    • o
    • Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award
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    Which awards are based on the collective efforts of the chapter?
    All except The Ralph L. Saroyan Brotherhood Award & The Desmet Scholarship
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    Which award is considered the highest award in PDC?
  6. The Dale W. Doerr Achievement Award Program
    • o
    • Noncompetitive program involving submission of several
    • chapter reports
  7. The Emory W. Thurston Grand President’s Award
    • Given to the Chapter that promoted the
    • profession of pharmacy and PDC fully during the preceding year. A Chapter must receive
    • a 90% of higher rating the Achievement Award Program
  8. The Ralph L. Saroyan
    Brotherhood Award & The Desmet Scholarship
    • o
    • Presented annually to the Chapter whose concept of
    • Brotherhood is best expressed by a member of a recent pledge class
  9. Professional & Service Projects Award
    • o
    • Given to the Chapter obtaining the highest score on two
    • reports submitted on service and professional activity.
  10. The John D. Grabenstein Leadership Award
    • o
    • Awarded to the Chapter that best exemplified Phi Delta
    • Chi’s slogan “Leaders in Pharmacy” through its Leadership report.
  11. The Prescott Scholarship Cup & The Rand P Hollenback Scholarships
    • o
    • Awarded to the Chapter whose scholarship report
    • indicates individual and collective scholastic achievement, as well as innovative
    • activities to promote scholarship
  12. Professional Window Display Award
    • o
    • Awarded to the Chapter that prepares a display and is
    • judged highest in value of message, originality, professional character,
    • arrangement, neatness, and effort/work involved
  13. Chapter Publication Award & The Norman H. Franke Scholarships
    • o
    • Award given to Chapter with publication that is rated
    • highest in content, alumni projection, professional character, and arrangement/neatness
  14. Chapter Advisor Award
    • o
    • Recognizes the preeminent contributions by a faculty
    • advisor to a collegiate Chapter
  15. Outstanding Alumni Chapter Award
    • o
    • Recognizes the dedicated alumni Brothers who entered the
    • profession and now provide role models, leadership, energy, and resources for
    • our profession of pharmacy
  16. Albert B. Prescott Pharmacy Leadership Award
    • Given to a young pharmacist no more than 10
    • years into his or her career that has demonstrated leadership qualities
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