1. autism
    abnormal or impaired development in socail interaction, such as hiding to avoid people, not making eye contact, not wanting to be touched
  2. psychology
    systematic, scientific study of behaviors and mental processes.
  3. Cross-cultural approach
    influence of cultural and ethic similarities and differences on the psychological and social functioning of culture's members
  4. psychoanalytic approach

    Sigmund Freud
    influence of unconsious fears, desires, and motivations on thought.
  5. ADHD
    6 months with 6 or more symptoms of inattention
  6. tranduction
    process in which a sense organ changes, or transforms, physical engergy into electrical signals that become neural impulses, which may be sent to the brain for processing
  7. depth perception
    seein in 3D with height, width, and depth
  8. retinal disparity
    bc eyes are apart each eye can see something different
  9. law of effect
    pleasurable consequence or reward, such actions are strengthened and will likely occur in the future
  10. pavlovs-classical conditioning
    • 1st- pick items NS,CUS, CUR
    • 2nd-trial with NS, CUS, CUR
    • 3rd- CUS is on longer needed
    • = CS, CR
  11. Operant
    • target behaviors
    • preparation
    • reinforcers
    • shaping
  12. amnesia
    temporary or permanent, loss of memory that may occur after a blow to the head or damage to the brain after disease, anesthesia, drugs, or severe psychological trauma
  13. retrieval cues
    mental reminders that we create by forming vivid mental images or creating associations between new info and info we already know
  14. proactive interference
    when old info. blocks or disrupt the remembering of related new info

    acts forward
  15. retroactive interference
    occurs when new info. blocks or disrupts the retrival of related old info.

    acts backwards
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