1. atrophy
    to waste away or fail to develop
  2. efficacy
  3. emolument
    salary or fees for work done, compensation
  4. icon
    religious painting, or symbol, or one who is idolized
  5. incipient
    beginning to exist
  6. inculcate
    to impress upon or teach by frequent repetition
  7. inestimable
    to valuable to be measured
  8. lackluster
    without spirit or enthusiasm
  9. martinet
    a strict diciplinarian
  10. prodigious
    extremely large in quantity, causing amazement
  11. regimen
    a regulated program, especially used to improve health
  12. stellar
    related to a star, outstanding
  13. stoic
    one seemingly indifferent to pleasure or pain
  14. vibrant
    full of life, bright, quivering or vibrating
  15. zealous
    very enthusiastic
  16. autonomy
    state of being self governed, independence
  17. circumspect
  18. composure
    self control
  19. edifice
    large imposing building, a complex structure
  20. ensconce
    to settle
  21. environs
    area surrounding a place
  22. hapless
  23. heinous
    shockingly evil
  24. incognito
    one's identity concealed, unrecognized
  25. indoctrinate
    to train in the fundamentals, to teach from partisan point of view
  26. interim
    an interval of time between events, temporary
  27. mausoleum
    large and impressive tomb
  28. pillage
    to rob
  29. reverie
    the condition of being lost in thought, a daydream
  30. thrall
    loss of one's ability to act freely, a state where one appears to have no control
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