Automated Cell Counts

  1. Who invented 1st automated cell counter?
    Walter Coulter
  2. Types of Hematology Analyzers
    • Particle Cell Counter (Electrical Impedance)
    • Optical Cell Counter (Optical Light Scattering Scanner)
    • Radio Frequency (RF) Resistance
  3. Electrical Impedance
    • Cells do not conduct electricity.
    • Current is broken every time a cells is passed through electrodes.
  4. RF Resistance
    • High frequency electromagnetic current flows between 2 electrodes.
    • Cell wall acts as a conductor to gauge size based on pulse.
    • Similar to Impedance but higher frequency.
  5. Hydrodynamic´╗┐
    • Directs Diluted Cells through quartz flow cell in single file.
    • Laser light directed at the flow cell is scattered in all directions.
    • Photo-detectors at different angles detect scattered light and create a countable pulse.
  6. Low angle light scatter.
    2-3o = cell size and volume
  7. High Angle Light Scatter
    5-15o = internal complexity
  8. Right Angle Light Scatter
    • 90o Side Scatter
    • Relates to internal components.
  9. VCS Technology
    • Volume
    • Conductivity
    • Scatter
  10. Volume is measured with... (VCS)
    Using low frequency current.
  11. Conductivity measured with....(VCF)
    High frequency current measures changes in conduction.
  12. Light Scatter (VCF)
    Laser light used to differentiate WBCs based on surface shape and reflectability.
  13. Impedence/VCS Technology Analyzer
  14. Impedance/Hydrodynamic Focusing Analyzer
  15. Optical Scanner/Impedance Analyzer
    Abbott Cell Dyn
  16. What is measured in a Automated CBC
    • RBC
    • WBC
    • Platelet Count
    • RBC Indices
    • Platelet Indices
    • 5 Part Diff- Segs, eos, basos, lymphs, mosos
    • Reticulocyte count with newest types
  17. Sweep Flow Technology eleminates what?
    Double cell Counting
  18. RBC Threshold Limit
    >36 fl
  19. Platelet Threshold Limit
    2-20 fl
  20. WBC Threshold Limit
    >35 fl
  21. Cell Dyn Laser
  22. Histogram Left to Right
    Lymphs ->Monos -> Grans
  23. A (ABCD)
  24. B (ABCD)
  25. C (ABCD)
  26. D (ABCD)
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