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  1. China had to give this island to britain in 1842
    Hong Kong
  2. General name for ALL treaties which China was forced to sign
  3. This war lasted from 1839-1842 China lost to Britain
    Opium War
  4. Term for foreigners in China being governed by their own laws and not Chinese laws
  5. treaty ended the 1839-1842 war with Britain
    treaty of nanjing
  6. main product British sold to China
  7. Chiinese rebellion, "heavenly Peace" which lasted from 1850-1864, weakened China
    Taiping Rebellion
  8. 2 main products British came to China to buy
    tea, silk
  9. In 1856, war with Great Britain broke out again. what is this war often called?
    2nd opium war
  10. Portguese trading station established in China in 1557
  11. China's supply of THIS was being used to pay for large amounts of opium
  12. First europeans to reach China by sea in 1514
  13. Border clashes with this fellow communist country causes a rift between them
    Soviet Union
  14. By late 1970's he had emerged as China's leader.
    Deng Xiaping
  15. China's refusal to meet THIS chills the us-chinese realations
    human rights
  16. china encouraged this as they softened the role of state centralized planning in their economny
    free enterprise
  17. made a suprise trip to china
    Richard Nixon
  18. became china's leader in 1993
    jiang zemin
  19. plan to improve chinas agriculture, industry, science and military
    four monernizations
  20. pro-democracy demonstrations held here
    tienanmen square
  21. many chinese wanted a fifth modernization, or_____?
  22. what happened to many leaders of pro-democracy movements?
    jailed or killed
  23. Communist China's formal name
    people's republic fo china
  24. won the chinese civil war
  25. radical students. ruining, burning, destroying
    red guards
  26. collective farm communities
  27. china trying to leap foreward quickly using this plan
    great leap foreward
  28. chiang kaishek and supporters had to flee here
  29. THIS small group of readical communists tried to take control after mao died
    GANG of FOUR
  30. during wwll, communists and nationalists united to fight this common enemy
  31. launched by mao to rid of the "four olds" and those he disliked
    culture revolution
  32. millions of this class were killed as communists take over china
  33. regional leaders of china that had their own private armies
  34. nationalists opposed this party
  35. chinese name for nationalist party
  36. aging empress who ruled china for 10 years
  37. became leader of chinese communtists
    mao zedong
  38. last dynasty of china.
  39. communists relied on this majority segment of society for their main suppert
  40. early leader of chinese nationalist party
    sun yixian
  41. after sun died, this commander became head of nationalists
    chinag kaishek
  42. anit-western, anti-christian group attacked chinese christians and foreigners
  43. 6,000 mile escape by communists from jiangxi to shaanxi provence
    long march
  44. US plan for all nations to have equal trade rights in china
    open door policy
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