Biology Taxonomy

  1. What is taxonomy ?
    The science of naming organisms and assigning them into groups called taxa ( singular. taxon )
  2. What is the biosphere?
    It is part of the earth inhabitated by living organism.
  3. How does the biosphere relate to taxonomy?
    Taxonomy attempts to classify all organisms withi the biosphere.
  4. Approximately how many living organisms are there on the earth?
    30 to 100 million
  5. ARISTOTLE's Classification Criteria ???
    • - categorized according to habitat
    • - water dwellers
    • - air "
    • - land "
  6. ST.AUGUSTINE Classification Criteria ???
    • useful, harmful or superfluous (not neccessary)
    • - very human centered view
  7. JOHN RAY's Classification Criteria
    • coined the term "Species"
    • - organism similar in shape and structure and could reproduce with each other.
  8. LINNAEUS's Classification Criteria
    • - grouped organisms according to their structural similarities
    • - invented Binomial nomenclature
    • - Used genus and species base on the latin names of organisms
  9. 7 LEVELS of the taxonomic classification system
    Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
  10. What is binomial nonmenclature and what are the rules of its proper usage?
    A 2-word system of uniquely naming organisms according to their genus and species.
  11. What are the 3 ADVANTAGES of using the binomial nomenclature system?
    • - Universal scientific communication
    • - Unique for every living things
    • - Shows relationships between closely related organisms
    Splitting of a whole into two mutually exclusive parts
  13. DICHOTOMOUS KEY used for ???
    to help place organisms into an appropriate classification group
  14. 2 CONDITIONS for a properly written dichotomous key ???
    • - 2 choices for each characteristic
    • - unique ending for each individual item
  15. 2 WAYS by which a dichotomous key could be represented?
    • diagrams
    • with words
  16. How does a dichotomous key relate to the 7 taxa and binomial nomenclature?
    - characteristics that defube the choices that are often based on the characteristics that subdivide each taxa.
  17. A TRUE Dichotomous key
    ends with scientific name of organism using the binomial nomenclature system
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