lesson 4 voc. list

  1. aggressor
    person or nation that initiates hostilities or makes an unprovoked attack; assailant; invader
  2. aggression
    unprovoked attack; assault; invasion
  3. altitude
    height; elevation; high position; eminence
  4. calamity
    great misfortune; catastrophe; disaster
  5. calamitous
    disastrous; catastrophic
  6. congregate
    come together into a crowd; assemble; gather
  7. convene
    meet in a group for a specific purpose
  8. convention
    treaty; agreement
  9. cordiality
    friendliness; warmth of regard; amiability
  10. cordial
    warm and friendly; gracious; hearty
  11. crony
    close companion; intimate friend; chum; associate
  12. deliberately
    • 1. in a carefully thought out manner; purposely; intentionally
    • 2. in an unhurried manner; slowly
  13. dispense
    • 1. deal out; distribute
    • 2. (followed by the preposition with) do without; get along without; forgo
  14. dubious
    doubtful; uncertain; questionable
  15. extremity
    very end; utmost limit; border
  16. forecast
    predict; foretell; prophesy; prognosticate
  17. hibernate
    spend the winter
  18. host
    • 1. large number; multitude; throng; crowd; flock
    • 2. person who receives or entertains a guest or guests at home or elsewhere
  19. intimidate
    frighten; influence by fear; cow; overawe; coerce
  20. preface (n.)
    introduction (to a book or speech); foreword; prologue; preamble; exordium
  21. preface (v.)
    introduce or begin with a preface; usher in; precede
  22. recoil
    draw back because of fear or disgust; shrink; wince; flinch
  23. reflection
    • 1. thought, especially careful thought; cogitation; deliberation
    • 2. blame; discredit; aspersion; slur
  24. relinquish
    give up; abandon; let go; release; surrender; cede
  25. tolerate
    endure; bear; put up with; accept; permit
  26. tolerable
    bearable; endurable
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