Psychology 210

  1. The notion that development is best described in terms of a series of abrupt shirts in behavior best fits with the _______ approach.

    D. discontinuity
  2. Dr. Fletcher is attempting to determine whether adult criminals were rule breakers throughout their childhood, or whether they suddenly tuned to a life of crime. Her research is most concerned with which issue of human development?

    A. continuity vs. discontinuity
  3. Psychodynamic theories place the least emphasis on the __________ portion of the biopsychosocial framework.

    B. biological
  4. Who is best associated with the psychosocial theory?

    A. Erikson
  5. A ________ is an organized set of ideas that is designed to explain development.

    C. theory
  6. The epigenetic principle is a key component of _________ theory.

    D. ecological
  7. The argument that each psychosocial strength has its own special age period of specific importance is the cornerstone of _______ theory of development.

    D. Erikson's
  8. If a behavior is effectively being reinforced it will always

    C. increase in frequency
  9. Who developed social cognitive theory?

    A. Bandura
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