1. purchasing system
    an organization's strategy or procedure for obtaining medications, devices, and products
  2. intependent purchasing system
    a purchasing system in which the pharmacy establishes contracts directly with each pharmaceutical manufacturer
  3. contracts
    written agreements
  4. group purchasing system
    a purchasing system in which a pharmacy joins a group purchasing organization (GPO), which contracts with pharmaceutical manufacterers collectively for all members of that GPO
  5. formularies
    a listing of drugs approved for a specific purpose
  6. expired drugs
    drugs that have not been dispensed as of the manufacturer's printed expiration date
  7. recall
    the process in which a drug manufacturer or the FDA requires that specific drugs or devices be returned to the manufacturer because of a specific concern about the recalled product
  8. Medicaid
    the health insurance program for individuals and families with low incomes or disabilities
  9. Medicare
    the health insurance for individuals aged 65 or older, younger people with disabilities, and people with end-stage renal disease (Nierenkrankheit)
  10. adjudication
    • (Entscheidung/richterliche Yuerkennung/gerichtliches Urteil)
    • the process of transmitting a prescription electronically to the proper insurance company or third-party biller third-party biller (Fremd-/Dritt-) for approval & billing
  11. carrier/insurer/provider
    the insurance company
  12. claim
    • (Beanstandung)
    • a request for reimbursement (Entsch√§digung, Erstattung), for products or services rendered, from a healthcare provider to an insurance provider
  13. co/pay
  14. GREEN
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