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  1. 香港很多家長傾向認為讓孩子出國讀書可以改善他們的英語
    Many parents in Hong Kong tend to share the view that sending their children to study overseas could help improve their children's English.
  2. 把本地學校所缺少的競爭優勢給與他們
    Gives them the competitive edge that local schools and universities cannot afford.
  3. 因此,現在學生往一些講英語的國家(例如英國,美國)讀書是愈來愈普遍的
    Consequently,it is now increasingly common for school children to be sent to grammer schools, boarding schools, high schools and universities in English speaking countries such as the UK, USA and Australia.
  4. 我的意見是,家長在做一個對孩子有重大後果的決定前應該三思
    In my opinion,however, parents should think twice before making a decision that could have significant consequences in their children's future.
  5. 很多後果可以是負面的
    Many of these consequences can be negative...
  6. 學生及其家庭需負擔由那個行動所帶來的不少風險及債務
    Both the students and their families bear quite a lot of risks and burdens brought on by the move.
  7. 總的來說,我認為那些讓孩子出國讀書所帶來缺點比優點多
    And, on balance, I believe the drawbacks involved in sending school children to study overseas outweigh that of the benefits
  8. 有些出國讀書所帶來的優點是很明顯的
    Some of the benefits of studying overseas are obvious.
  9. 毫無疑問學生被發往說英語的國家的學校讀書可以使他們學英文更有效率地 通過浸沉
    No doubt students who were sent to school in English speaking countries can learn English more effectively by immersion.
  10. 那些學生被植入於一個說英語的環境中
    These students are planted in an English speaking environment
  11. 及無時無刻地被一些說英語的同學,老師,朋友和熟人所包圍
    and they are surrounded by English speaking classmates, teachers, friends and acquaintances day and night.
  12. 他們無疑可以有一個更好的機會去戲劇性地改善他們的英文
    They most certainly have a better chance to improve their English dramatically
  13. 因為他們被強制要求每天去說及寫英文
    since they are forced to speak and write English every day.
  14. 畢竟,____ makes _____.
    Afterall, practice makes perfect.
  15. 香港小朋友不會處理家務是臭名遠播的
    Hong Kong children are notoriously helpless around the house.
  16. 讓他們去外國讀書可以給與他們機會去學習照顧自己
    Sending them to study overseas could give them the much needed opportunities to learn to care for themselves.
  17. 在沒有家長及女傭的幫忙下,
    Without the help of their parents and domestic helpers,
  18. 那些小孩被迫要做不同的家務及對住屋,交通,讀書方面作必需的安排
    these children are forced to do all kinds of household chores and to make the necessary arrangements regarding their accommodation, transportation and studies.
  19. 這些經驗對一個小孩的成長是絕對好的
    These experiences are certainly good for a child's development.
  20. A friend of mine who is now going to school in the U.K. wrote to tell me that he is now an _______ cook. He was, only a year ago, a ________ Hong Kong teenager who 只僅能為自己整個杯面
    • accomplished
    • pampered
    • who could barely make himself a cup noodles.
  21. 不幸地,那舉動可以負面地影響學生及其家庭在不止一個方面
    Unfortunately, the move could also negatively affect both the students and their families in more ways than one.
  22. 那些小孩的家庭要為過份的學費及極貴的生活費負擔很重的債務
    Families of these children need to bear heavy financial burden for the exorbitant school fees and sky high living expenses.
  23. 在英國大學一個學期的學費約港幣40萬
    The school fees for studying in a UK university register at about HK$400,000 per school term.
  24. 生活費可以輕易地在每個學期增加10萬
    Living expense could easy add another HK$100,000 per school term.
  25. 很多這些家庭拿出貸款去為海外讀書的子女比錢
    Many of these families took out loans to pay for their sons and daughters' overseas education.
  26. 有些甚至要按左物業及減少他們的使費至有幾少得幾少
    Some even have their apartment re-mortgaged and downsize their own spending to the bare minimum.
  27. In fact, the mother of that same friend of mine who is now studying in UK ______ that she has not had a holiday anywhere outside of Hong Kong ever since she started saving for the her son's education.
    lamented 悲嘆
  28. 同時她不認為她會去哪裡旅行直至兒子完成學業
    And she doesn't think she'll be going anyway until her son finishes all his schooling.
  29. 要適應得好及使一個人融入外國社會, 那人要是一個外向者及擁有一個討人喜歡的性格
    To adjusted well and integrate oneself into a foreign society, a person needs to be an extrovert and has a pleasant character.
  30. 坦白地我們不是每一個人都擁有以上所需來去好好適應一個新環境,
    Simply not every one of us has what it takes to adapt well to a new environment,
  31. 特別是一個被不同語言和文化主導的
    particularly one which is dominated by a population that speak a different language and has different cultural practices.
  32. 很多不能適應的學生退隱至個局限的由相同背照種族結成的社交圈子,
    Many of the mal-adjusted students retreat into confined social circles made up of friends of their own ethnic backgrounds,
  33. 學業上落後亦把他們父母的珍貴資源浪費在夜夜笙歌及不同的沉溺之上
    fall behind their studies and waste the precious resources of their parents' on clubbing and on all kinds of indulgence.
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