Greek Gods and Early Decor and Early Statues.

  1. Who is Poseidon?
    • Brother of Zeus.
    • Lord of the Oceans.
    • Carrier of the Trident.
    • Father of the Cyclops.
  2. Who is Hades?
    • Brother of Zeus.
    • Lord of the Underworld.
    • God of wealth.
  3. Who is Zeus?
    • King of the Gods.
    • Ruler of Olympus.
  4. Who is Hera?
    • Queen of the Gods.
    • Wife of Zeus.
    • Protector of home and family.
  5. Who is Ares?
    God of War.
  6. Who is Apollo?
    • God of light and logic.
    • Frequently associated with music and lyrics.
  7. Who is Hephaestus?
    • God of the forge.
    • Crafter of the armor and weapons for the Gods.
    • Crippled.
    • Husband of Aphrodite.
  8. Who is Aphrodite?
    Goddess of Love and Beauty.
  9. Who is Artemis?
    • Virgin goddess of the hunt.
    • Associated with the moon.
  10. Who is Demeter?
    • Godess of the Harvest.
    • Mother of Persophone.
    • Zeus sister.
    • Causes the seasons.
  11. Who is Hermes?
    • Messenger of the Gods.
    • Winged shoes and helmet.
    • Patron of medicine.
    • Patron of travelers and thieves.
  12. Who is Dionysus?
    • God of wine, emotion, and art.
    • Patron of theatre.
    • Worshipped by Maenads.
  13. Who is Athena?
    • Paroness of Athens.
    • Goddess of wisdom and strategy.
    • Symbols are owl and serpent.
    • Born from the head of Zeus.
  14. What is a Minotaur?
    • Half-bull, Half-man.
    • Born from the wife of King Minos and a sacred bull.
    • Ate people.
    • In the labyrinth.
  15. Who is Medusa?
    • Snakes for hair.
    • Turned people to stone with her gaze.
  16. What is a Centaur?
    • Half-horse, Half-man.
    • Athletic, lusty, and hearty drinkers.
  17. What is the Kraken?
    • Mighty sea monster.
    • Blamed for sinking ships and massive waves.
  18. What is an Amphora?
    • Large vase or pot.
    • Decorated with elaborated scenes.
    • Used to pour sacrifices or libations.
    • Used as a grave marker.
  19. What is a Krater?
    • Narrow bottom.
    • Punchbowl shape on top.
    • Used as a mixer
    • grains, doughs, and wines.
  20. What is a Meander?
    • Early Amphora decorated primarily with geometric shapes and designs.
    • Rudimentary silhouette figures much like pictographs.
  21. What is a Dipylon Amphora?
    • A grave marker of an aristocrat's tomb.
    • Almost five feet tall.
  22. What is a Black Figure Vase?
    • Figures traced in black.
    • Females are white.
    • Glazed to make it permanent.
    • Detailed after baking.
  23. What is a Red Figure Vase?
    • Glazed everywhere except for the figures.
    • This allowed detail to be painted on with a brush.
  24. Archaic Smile
    • From early Greek work.
    • Simple.
    • A just passed gas kinda grin.
  25. Korus
    • Simple male statues.
    • Two poses
    • one leg forward
    • arms folded up.
    • Used for decoration and gravemarkers.
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