medical terminology 2-part one

  1. an, ian
    of, belonging to, person associated with
  2. pertaining to, having a connection with (2)
    ar, ary
  3. e
    means of, instrument for
  4. h
    dropping when not initial letter of word
  5. ide
    chemical compound naming
  6. ist
    one who, practices, does, concerned with
  7. ium
    noun end, place, region, lining, covering
  8. lysis
    (license) loosening, destruction, set free
  9. mat
    variation for roots ending in "m"
  10. opia
    siffix denotes condition of vision, sight
  11. para
    (parachute) beside, beyond, wrong, faculty, disordered
  12. ular
    pertaining to; pertaining to a small version
  13. hem(at)
    (hem) blood
  14. hemi
    (hemisphere) part of, half
  15. hyper
    (high purr) above, excessive, more than normal
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medical terminology 2-part one