Level 3 Review

  1. 가볍다
    to be light
  2. 개업
    a grandopening; to open a store
  3. 고창나다
    to get broken; to be broken
  4. 관심
  5. 권하다
    to ask, advise, recommend
  6. 그만두다
    to stop, give up, retire
  7. 그치다
    to stop, come to an end
  8. 급하다
    to be urgent
  9. 기운이 없다/있다
    strength; energy
  10. 꽃다발
  11. 끓이다
    to boil
  12. 남다
    to remain, to be left over
  13. 넣다
    to put in
  14. 답답하다
    to feel heavy, anxious
  15. 들르다
    to drop by
  16. 마당
    a garden
  17. (요리)솜씨
    a skill
  18. 밀리다
    to be left undone (be piled up)
  19. 바꾸다
    to change, exchange
  20. 번역(하다)
  21. 부탁
  22. 분위기
    an atmosphere; ambience
  23. 빨다
    to wash, launder
  24. 사고
    an accident
  25. 서두르다
    to hurry
  26. 설거지
    do the dishes
  27. 소리
    a sound, noise
  28. the inside; interior
  29. 수술하다
    to perform a surgical operation for
  30. 수선하다
    to repair/fix clothes
  31. 수리(하다)
    to repair; fix
  32. 시력(검사)
    eye vision (exam)
  33. 여권
  34. 여유
    leisure time
  35. 요금
    a charge, fee
  36. 이용하다
    to use
  37. 장마
    a rainy day/season
  38. 전하다
    to convery, communicate something
  39. 정리
    to organize
  40. 졸리다
    to feel sleepy
  41. 주유소
    a gas station
  42. 지나다
    to pass by, to go (too) far
  43. 집들이
    a housewarming party
  44. 짓다
    to make/build (rice, buildings)
  45. 켜다
    turn on
  46. 끄다
    to turn off
  47. 큰일나다
    to be a big deal
  48. 회의
    a meeting (at a company)
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