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  1. Gladys; Wait a minute please. Mr Hasler wants to speak with you again. (The four girls exit UL)
    Mae; More soft soap.
    Prez: Now, Mae, quite down.
    Hasler: (enters UR and crosses to UC)

    • I just want to add one thought.
    • Let’s not adjourn with any hard feelings.
    • We want to preserve that fine Sleep Tite spirit.
  2. Prez: That’s easy to say, Mr Hasler, but we’re not going any place.

    Mae; We’re going backwards.
    • Hasler:
    • I didn’t say “no”

    I said “not now.”
  3. Prez: Look, Mr Hasler, this things been draggin on for months. The help are getting very jumpy. Their patience is about wore out.
    Hasler: I want to be fair but…
  4. Prez: I’m going to tell you the plan truth. We know the company is doing one hell of a business. We don’t
    have no education maybe but we got eyes and ears.
    Everybody in the industry has had a 7 ½ cents rise.
    • Hasler:
    • As I said I want to be fair.
    • That’s always been my policy.
    • So I don’t give you a yes,
    • But I don’t give you a no.
    • I say we’ve got to examine it….
    • And I’ve got to talk to the board
    • and that’s the way we’re going to leave it.
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