Psychology Chapt. 10 Test

  1. Harlow=
  2. Bandura=
  3. Piaget=
  4. Kholberg=
  5. Freud=
  6. Timing of Maturation...
    ...varies from one child to the next
  7. Females growth cycles...
    ...more orderly and stable
  8. Critical period
    specific time when skill may be learned. ONLY during that time
  9. Imprinting
    • sudden process that Lorenz discovered.
    • Ex. Ducks will imprint on mom within 16 hrs.
  10. Human Critical Periods
    • 1. Foreign Language=before age 12
    • 2. Math and Logic=birth to 4 years
    • 3. Music=3 to 10 years
  11. Feral Children
    "supposedly raised by animals
  12. Nuclear Family
    parents and their kids
  13. Extended family
    nuclear plus other relatives
  14. 2/3 of all Moms...
    ...have jobs outside the home
  15. Women...
    ...still do most of the housework and 90% of the cooking and shopping
  16. Working outside the home-
    most important thing is not the amount of time spent with kids, but whether children "feel" loved and cared for
  17. 3 Stayles of Parenting
    • 1. Authoritarian
    • 2. Permissive
    • 3. Authoritative
  18. Authoritarian
    dictator. harsh punishment is used
  19. Permissive
    children rule
  20. Authoritative
    democracy. children are involved in decisions that efect them 2 yrs. and up
  21. Abuse factors
    finances and stress
  22. Erikson=
  23. Approximate Age:
    0-1=trust vs. mistrust. If babies well cared for they trust the world

    1-2=Autonomy vs. doubt. Self control and assertion but if criticized too much, they doubt the world

    • 5-puberty=Industry(pride) vs. Inferiority(criticism)
    • Later Adulthood=Integrity. Accepting good and bad over a lifetime vs. Despair. Facing death with nothing but regrets
  24. Learning Theory
    the child is passive like a peice of clay to shape
  25. Cognitive Theory
    the child is the shaper
  26. Sensory Motor Stage
    • Sensations and movements
    • Object performance=10 months old
    • Seperation Anxiety=1 year of age
  27. Preoperational Stage
    • -2-7 years
    • -Vocab epands
    • -Language happens fast
    • -self-centered
  28. Concrete Operations Stage
    • -7-11 years
    • -conservation is understood
  29. Formal Operations
    • -11 years and up
    • -highest level of thought
  30. Kholberg's Theory of Moral Development
    -Preconventional=younger than 6. Sheer Power of outside authority. Child focuses on being punished or rewarded.

    -Conventional=7-11 years. Based on expectations of others. Seek approval of others

    -Postconventional=11 years and up. personal ethics and human rights. small # of people reach this level
  31. Psychosexual stages:
    • 1. Oral Stage=boys dont get what they want for 1st time
    • 2. Phalic Stage=Boys and girls must identify and internalize moral standards: boys w/ dad, girls w/ mom
    • 3. Oedipal Conflict=crisis
    • 4. Sumblimation= latency stage, redirect sexual desires
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