SFL 329 Test 1

  1. BoM Who designed the crystal Palace?
    Joseph Paxton
  2. BoM Hy was the crystal Palace concidered an extraordinary early modern structure
    • 1. fist example of modular
    • 2. prefabricated
    • 3. structural
  3. BoM Who built the St. Geneview Library
    Henri Labrouste
  4. BoM Who Built the University Museum?
    Benjamin Woodward
  5. BoM Who designed the Victor Emmanual Gallery?
    Guiseppe Mengoni
  6. BoM Who designed the elastic Chair?
    Samuel Gragg
  7. BoM Who designed the Modern gothic revival chair?
    Edward W. Pugin
  8. BoM Who designed the chair number 14, the bentwood rocker, and the corbusier chair?
  9. BoM Who designed the tripolina chair?
    Joseph Beverly Fenby
  10. A&C Who founded the arts and crafts movement?
    William Morris and John Ruskin
  11. A&C 2 important inspirational values of the arts and crafts movement?
    • q. looked back to the middle ages and renaissance for design enlightenment
    • 2. good craftsmanship. (anti-machine)
  12. A&C William Morris
    English designer, goal was to turn artists into craftsmen. founded morris &co
  13. A&C Who Designed the
    Phillip Webb
  14. A&C Phillip Webb
  15. A&C John Ruskin
    Wrote 7 Lamps of Architecture - book pur forth and supported the phylosophy and design approach of the art and crafts movement
  16. A&C Charles Eastlake
    • Wrote Hints on household taste - promoted simplicity and rectangularity
    • CHAIR
  17. A&C Earnest Gimson
    • Arts and Craft- Produced funiture free of historical detail
  18. A&C Edward William Godwin:
    • lighter, ornamental design. Anglo-Japanese stlye known as art furniture
  19. A&C Carles Francis Annesly Voysey
    • furniture was joining simple wood
  20. A&C Sir Arther Lasenby Liberty
    Founder of Liberty Story
  21. A&C Name the 7 Positive Contributions of the arts and crafts movements
    • 1. simplified, handcrafted products for both residential and non-residential settings and established one of the first interior design studios
    • 2. Simplified look added "modern" beauty
    • 3. Advocated good design for everyone
    • 4. exquisit fabrics and wallpapers
    • 5. one of the 1st to question the machine
    • 6. The Kelmscott Press: A&C press. simplified midieval floral and organic border design
    • 7. The Germ: The A&C design periodical that circulated throughout England. Highly influential for informaing and educating the public
  22. A&C Name the 4 Negative aspects of the arts and Crafts Movement
    • 1. hand crafts = time consuming
    • 2. handcrafted = more expensive
    • 3. Turned their backs on the potential of the machine
    • 4. criticizezd for "looking to the past instead of to the future"
  23. A&C Richard Norman Shaw
    principle exponents of the English Domestic revival. Homes ranging in a variety of styles from gothic revival to his own modern adaptation of the Queen Anne style. OLD SWAN HOUSE
  24. A&C Who desidned the THEBES STOOL?
    Leonard F. Wyburd
  25. BoMiUS 2 Facts about James Bogardus
    • 1. Ney York City based architect. Pioneer of cast iron frams. Published Cast Iron Buildings and their Consruction
    • 2. Iron grid system paved the way for skyscrapers
  26. Henry Hobson Richardson
    • 1. Based in Boston
    • 2. Helped unite the architect and the engineer. Is known as the father of American Modern Archietecture
    • 3. Known as Romanesque dRevivalist and The Great Simplifier
    • 4. known for his brownstone houses
  27. What was the Chicago School?
    • architectural term to define a group of designers in Chicago. This group embraced new developments and technology
    • Included
    • 1. William LeBaron Jenney
    • 2. Louis Sullivan
    • 3. Firm of Root and Burnham
    • 4. Frank Lloyd Wright
  28. William Lebaron Jenney
    • Father of the Chcago School
    • Instrumental in the early development of the skyscraper
    • known for his office designs
    • HOME INSURANCE BUILDING (1st skyscraper)
  29. Louis Sullivan
    • "Form Follows Function"
    • Attended MIT took Grand Tour of Europe
    • Worked in the office of William LeBaron Jenney
    • "father of Modernism"
    • one of the creaters of the scyscraper
  30. The evolution of the skyscraper was due to 4 uniquely American phenomenon
    • 1. Chicago Fire of 1891 - provided oprotunity ot rebuild
    • 2. Elevator- invented by Elisha Otis
    • 3. Cast Iron Grid- developed by James Bogardus
    • 4. Chicago School
  31. Firm of Root and Burnham
    • Functionally expressive architecture
    • used floatinf foundations, fireproofing, greater window space, grouping windows in sections of 3 (3 = chicago school)
  32. Important design features of Frank Lloyd Wright's early residential Style
    • 1. Use of natural materials
    • 2. Prominent low horizontal lines
    • 3. Large balconies and terraces
    • 4. structural design prevalent
    • 5. fireplace heart of home
    • 6. wide overhanging eaves
    • 7. Interior open planning
    • 8. built-in furniture
  33. Wright's contributions to the Modern Movement
    • 1. "organic Architecture"
    • 2. the PRAIRIE home
    • 3. changed the way we look at homes for living
    • 4. 2 schools for architects: Taliesin East and Taliesin West
    • 6. Popular lecturer
  34. Other important Pioneers of Modern arcitecture in the US
    • George H. Wyman: BRADBURY BUILDING
    • Cass Gilber : WOOLWORTH
    • Willis Polk: HALLIDIE
  35. Exteriro Feature of the A&C movement in US
    • Low piched roofs- wide projecting eaves
    • triangular dormers, front, side gables
    • steps leading up to front porch
    • grouping of windows
    • short, square, sloping or clustered columns resting on substantial piers
    • Shingles, plaster, brick, clinker brick
    • Square "pop out" bays
    • Windows with geometric designs
  36. Interior Backgrounds (handcrafted elements) of A&C in US
    • Floors: oak or chestnut
    • Walls: wood, friezes, wallpaper, plain painted walls, stenciled designs
    • windows: fixed or sash, bay, square windows flanking chimney
    • DOors: solid oak w/ geometric designs
    • Staircases: wood
    • Fireplaces: wood and tile OR brick
    • Ceilings: handcrafted wood beams
  37. Gustav Stickley
    Published the Craftsman (1st interior design periodical of the times) influential furniture designer
  38. Greene & Greene
  39. Harvey Ellis
    A&C Furniture used stylized flowers
  40. Thomas Lee
    Designer of the Adirondack chair
  41. Bernard Maybeck
    • Simplified spanish, swiss chalet, gothic, and japanese.
    • liked to use wood
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