1. The telencephalon includes these 4(5?)
    • cerebral hemisphere
    • basal ganglia & lateral ventricle
    • cortex
    • subcortical white matter
  2. The subcortical white matter (part of telencephalon) consists of
    • association fibers - axons connecting diff regions of SAME hemi
    • commisural fibers - axons crossing the midline
    • projection fibers - axons carrying incoming/outgoing info to structures in other areas of CNS
  3. The cerebral cortex is the center of higher functioning
    Each hemisphere is made up of ______ & ______ areas
    • Primary areas - motor & sensory
    • Association areas - unimodal & multimodal
  4. How thick is the cortex (grey matter [neurons] covers surface of hemispheres)
    2-4 mm thick
  5. The cortex receives input from _____
    The cortex sends output to _______
    • input from - thalamus and other cortical areas
    • output to - cortex, basal ganglia, thalamus, cerebellum, & brainstem/spinal cord
  6. Name the 6 cortical latyers (pial surface to deep)
    • I - Molecular layer
    • II - External granular layer
    • III - External pyramidal layer
    • IV - Internal granular layer - most prominent in somatosensory cortex (POST CENTRAL GYRUS)
    • V - Internal pyramidal layer - most prominent in primary motor cortex
    • VI - Multiform later
  7. Which cortical layer consists of mostly axons running parallel to surface (few neurons)
    I - Molecular Layer
  8. Which cortical layer is the primary target of ascending sensory infro (from thalamus)
    IV - Internal Granular Layer - somatosensory cortex
  9. which layer consists of small granule (sensory) cells and small pyramidal (motor) cells
    II - External Granular Layer
  10. which layer consists of medium to large pyramidal cells
    V - internal pyramidal layer
  11. which layer is the source of upper motor neurons
    Internal Pyramidal Layer
  12. which layer consists of small to medium pyramidal cells
    III - external pyramidal
  13. which cortical layers are the source of association/commisural fibers
    II & III (External Granular and External Pyramidal)
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