Perio exam I ch. 4

  1. The inflammatory response is influenced by what?
    The immune response of the individule
  2. host defense cells
    • lymphocytes
    • PMN's (neutrophils, WBCs)
    • macrophages
  3. 3 models of disease activity
    • continuous model theory
    • random burst theory
    • asynchronous multiple burst theory
  4. continuous model theory
    • slow and constant
    • tooth loss and disease increase with age
  5. random burst theory
    • short bursts of disease and remission
    • lose attachment at burst stages
    • site specific and episodic
  6. Oral defense mechanism (3)
    • supragingival environment
    • gingival crevice
    • gingival connective tissue
  7. asynchronous multiple burst theory
    • disease correlated to limited time
    • remission follows
  8. first line of defense
    PMN (neutrophil)
  9. how long to PMNs live
    5 days
  10. how long to macrophages live
  11. macrophages realease what two things
    • prostaglandans
    • cytokines
  12. What are cytokines
    • proteins
    • reglate the activities of other cells
    • cause the release of IL1 and TNF
  13. Antibodies or complement that
    bind to surface of bacteria
  14. activated when antibodies (proteins) bind to antigens (bacteria)
    classic pathway
  15. activated by endotoxins
    alternative pathway
  16. 3ed pathway
    specific proteins bound to proteins or carbs on bacteria
  17. two types of immune response
    • humoral
    • cellular
  18. What patrols the host
  19. three types of lymphocytes
    • B cells
    • T cells
    • natural killer cells
  20. activated when inflammatory resonse is inadequate
    humoral response
  21. B lymphocytes are transformed into
    • plasma cells
    • memory cells
  22. Plasma cells make antibodies which bind to the antigen... what antibodies does it make
  23. B cells are found in the lamina propria at sites with periodontitis in how many cases
  24. What is cellular immunity good for
    protection against viruses like HIV, fungi, cancer
  25. what are the two types of t cells?
    • helper t (CD4)
    • suppressor (CD8)
  26. Which t cell are AIDs patients missing?
    helper T (CD4)
  27. Which cells activate B cells?
    helper T cells
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