Italian Verbs Ch.3

  1. Andare
    to go
  2. Aprire
    to open
  3. arrivare
    to arrive
  4. ascoltare
    to listen to
  5. ballare
    to dance
  6. Bere
    to drink
  7. Cenare
    to eat dinner
  8. Dormire
    to sleep
  9. fare
    to do, to make
  10. fare sport
    to play sports
  11. fare una domanda
    to ask a question
  12. fare una foto
    to take a photo
  13. fare una passeggiata
    to take a walk
  14. giocare
    to play (a game)
  15. guardare
    to look at, watch
  16. lavare
    to wash
  17. lavorare
    to work
  18. leggere
    to read
  19. mangiare
    to eat
  20. preferire
    to prefer
  21. prendere
    to take
  22. pulire
    to clean
  23. rientrare
    to come home
  24. scrivere
    to write
  25. studiare
    to study
  26. suonare
    to play (an instrument)
  27. tornare
    to returen
  28. uscire
    to leave a place, to exit, to go out
  29. venire
    to come
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