1. Aspersion
    A false/misleading charge intended to harm someone's reputation.

    It is difficult to accept aspersion from somebody you admire.
  2. Calumny
    To harm one's reputation by uttering false charges/misrepresentations

    There were many calumnies against him that are difficult to recover from.
  3. Castigate
    To subject to severe punishment, reproof, or criticism.

    He was castigated for his selfish actions on the island.
  4. Decry
    To express strong disapproval.

    She decried the prominence of sex and violence on television.
  5. Deride/derisive
    To laugh at contemptuously; to subject to bitter, contemptuous ridicule.

    The children's derisive laughter kept haunting him on his walk home.
  6. Diatribe
    A bitter and abusive speech or piece of writing. A satirical or ironic criticism.

    This movie is a diatribe against secular religion.
  7. Disparage
    To lower in rank/reputation.

    It is always unsavory to see political advertisements showing politicians disparaging each other.
  8. Excoriate
    To censure scathingly.

    He was excoriated as a racist.
  9. Gainsay
    To declare to be untrue or invalid. To oppose/contradict.

    The students continued to gainsay the main point the speaker was trying to explain, even though all his statements were backed with scientific facts.
  10. Harangue
    A ranting speech or writing.

    He would always go into a long harangue about politics at the dinner table.
  11. Impugn
    To assail with words or arguments. To oppose or attack as false or lacking integrity.

    This politician would always try to impugn his opponents.
  12. Inveigh
    To protest or complain bitterly or vehemently.

    People are always inveighing about the high property taxes.
  13. Lambaste
    • To assault violently.
    • To attack verbally.

    The coach lambasted the team for its poor performance.
  14. Objurgate
    Harsh rebuke.

    The senator was objurgated for his wishy-washy approach to foreign policy.
  15. Obloquy
    a strongly condemnatory utterance; bad repute; abusive language.

    Unable to mount a rational defense of her position, she unleashed a torrent of obloquy on her opponent.
  16. Opprobrium
    Something that brings disgrace.

    They're going ahead with the plan despite the public opprobrium.
  17. Pillory
    A means of exposing one to public ridicule/scorn.
  18. Remonstrate
    To present and urge reasons for opposition.

    He was not please when I politely remonstrated with him about littering.
  19. Reprehend
    To voice disapproval of.

    Anna was reprehended for her disregard for public property.
  20. Reprove
    To scold or correct usually gently or with kind intent.

    The teacher reproved the child for being late.
  21. Revile
    To subject to verbal abuse.

    Many people reviled him for his callous behavior.
  22. vituperate
    To abuse or censure severely or abusively; to use harsh condemnatory language.

    Every week the minister would stand behind the pulpit and vituperate the parishioners for their vices.
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