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  1. what discoveries in Africa increased European interest?
    gold and diamonds
  2. discuss the berlin conference: why, what, who wasnt there?
    14 european countries met to lay down rules for the division of Africa. african rulers were not there.
  3. what proved to be major sources of wealth in Africa?
    rich mineral resources
  4. what did buisnesses eventually develope? what was the result?`
    cash crops. farmers had nothing to feed their families.
  5. what 3 groups clashed over africa?
    africans, dutch, british
  6. identify shaka, what he do
    shaka was a Zulu chief who created a centralized state state with good armies
  7. what allowed the british to defeat the Zulus? what did the Zulus use? was it a close battle?
    british had guns. zulu had spears and shields. it was very close.
  8. who were the first europeans to settle in africa?
  9. where are the dutch from?q
  10. who were the Boers? who did they fight?
    dutch farmers. fought british.
  11. discuss boer war
    diamonds and gold are discovered, people come in from alll over the world. people revolt, boers blame british. boers use guerilla tactics. british win.
  12. how was the boer war different from other wars in africa?
    europeans fighting themselves.
  13. what did europeans pay attention to when carving up africa?
    the ability to control its people and its resources
  14. how was this new period of imperialism different?
    it was more extensive/complete
  15. list 4 forms of colonial rule
    protectorate, colony, sphere of influence, economic imperialism
  16. list 2 methods of colonial management
    direct, indirect
  17. what was the assumption with indirect control?
    councils would train local leaders in their method of rule
  18. what is paternalism?
    governing in parental way - providing for needs, not giving them rights
  19. how does paternalism relate to direct control?
    they're the same thing
  20. what is assimilation? how would a transition be aided?
    local populations would adopt dominant control

    schools, courts, buisnesses are paterned after dominant culture
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