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  1. knossos
    the location of a vast palace
  2. shrine
    areas dedicated to honor the gods and goddesses
  3. Fresco
    a watercolor painting done on wet plaster
  4. Trojan War
    took place around 1250 B.C.
  5. Straits
    narrow water passages connecting the mediterranean and black seas
  6. Homer
    a poet
  7. polis
    greek city state
  8. acropolis
    high city with many temples
  9. citizen
    free residents
  10. monarchy
    ruler exercises central power
  11. aristocracy
    small wealthy elite
  12. oligarchy
    small wealthy elite
  13. phalanx
    warfare with heavily armed foot soldiers
  14. Sparta
    city state built by Dorians
  15. Athens
    located in Attica / aristocratic government
  16. democracy
    a government by the people
  17. tyrants
    people who gained power by force
  18. legislature
    lawmaking body
  19. alliance
    a formal agreement between two or more countries
  20. pericles
    an able statesman who helped develop Athens
  21. Direct democracy
    a government were citizens take part in day to day affairs
  22. stipend
    a fixed salary
  23. jury
    a panel of citizens who have the right to make a final decision in a trial
  24. ostracism
    the process of voting to banish a citizen
  25. philosopher
  26. logic
    rational thinking
  27. rhetoric
    the art of skillful speaking
  28. socrates
    an athenian stonemason and philosopher
  29. Plato
    a student of socrates
  30. Aristotle
    Plato's most famous student
  31. Parthenon
    a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena
  32. Tragedies
    plays that told the story of humans sufffering
  33. comedies
    plays that were humorous
  34. Herodotus
    the father of history in the western world
  35. who won the persian war
  36. who started the delian league
  37. What happened to the Delian League?
    Athens abused power and was destroyed by the other countries in the league
  38. What happened in the Peleponeisan war?
    Athens was confident and moved citizens behind city walls and waited by water....the plague struck....and the perians built Sparta a Navy then they signed the Peace of Nicias but it was broken and Athens lost many ships then surrendered to Sparta... Athens was not political power only a place of culture and learning
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