Lesson 1-3 Vocabulary

  1. sequel
    something that follows; continuation (second)
  2. continuity
    condition of being without a stop
  3. providential
    • resulting from divine will;
    • God, high divine power
  4. amulet
    an object worn to bring luck or protection
  5. parlance
    a particular manner or kind of speech
  6. appelation
    a title or name that identifies
  7. subordinate
    one subject to another's authority
  8. converge
    to approach from different directions
  9. quirk
    • a peculiarity of behavior;
    • odd mannerisms
  10. capricious
    • subject to sudden, unpredictable changes
    • (italian-meaning the curly haired little boy)
  11. patois
    • a nonstandard dialect of a language
    • "jersey shore"
  12. diphthong
    • a speech sound that consists of two vowels
    • (boy, sail, boil)
  13. tangential
    • only superficially relevant
    • not on task
  14. crux
    the basic or essential feature of something
  15. serendipity
    ability to make discoveries by chance; lucky
  16. fatalism
    the view that events are determined by fate; often negative
  17. polyglot
    of many groups speaking different languages
  18. eponym
    a person for whom something is named
  19. terminate
    to bring to an end; conclude
  20. initiate
    to begin; originate; cause to begin
  21. vagary
    a wild or unpredictable notion or action
  22. incantation
    set of words spoken as a magic charm; abracadabra
  23. solecism
    the ungrammatical usage of a word; ain't
  24. linguistics
    the study of speech
  25. ultimate
    last; coming to the end
  26. pivotal
    central or crucial to something
  27. vicissitude
    a change, usually sudden or unexpected
  28. propitious
    presenting favorable circumstances
  29. vulgar
    spoken by the common people
  30. neologism
    a newly made-up word or expression
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