Leccion 2A Verbs

  1. to go to bed
    acostarse (ue)
  2. to eat lunch
    almorzar (ue)
  3. to close
    cerrar (ie)
  4. to tell; to count
    contar (ue)
  5. to cost
    costar (ue)
  6. to say; to tell
    decir (irreg.)
  7. to wake up
    despertarse (ie)
  8. to sleep
    dormir (ue)
  9. to begin
    empezar (ie)
  10. to understand
    entender (ie)
  11. to do; to make
    hacer (hago)
  12. to play (a sport)
    jugar (ue)
  13. to hear
    oìr (irreg)
  14. to think
    pensar (ie)
  15. to lose
    perder (ie)
  16. to be able, can
    poder (ue)
  17. to put, place
    poner (pongo)
  18. to prefer
    preferir (ie)
  19. to want; to love
    querer (ie)
  20. to remember
    recordar (ue)
  21. to leave; to go out
    salir (salgo)
  22. to be in the habit of (doing something)
    soler (ue) + infinitive
  23. to have
    tener (irreg)
  24. to bring
    traer (traigo)
  25. to come
    venir (irreg)
  26. to return (to a place)
    volver (ue)
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Leccion 2A Verbs
Leccion 2A Verbs