Geography Terms

  1. Aerosols
    Tiny solid and liquid particles suspended in the atmosphere
  2. Air
    A mixture of many discrete gases, of which nitrogen and oxygen are most abundant, in which varying quantities of tiny solid and liquid particles are suspended
  3. Atmosphere
    • The gaseous portion of a planet, the planet’s envelope of air; one of the
    • traditional subdivisions of Earth’s physical environment.
  4. Climate
    • A description f aggregate weather conditions; the sum of all statistical
    • weather information that helps describe a place or region
  5. Biosphere
    The totality of life forms on Earth
  6. Environmental lapse rate
    The rate of temperature decrease with height in the troposphere
  7. Lithosphere
    • thin outer portion of earth: made up of crust and upper mantle, solid
    • rock, part of the earth
  8. Mesosphere
    “middle atmosphere” – between thermosphere and stratosphere
  9. Ozone
    A molecule of oxygen containing three oxygen atoms
  10. Photosynthesis
    • The production of sugars and starches by plants using air, water,
    • sunlight, and chlorophyll. In the process, atmospheric carbon dioxide is
    • changed to organic matter and oxygen is released
  11. Primary pollutants
    A pollutant emitted directly from an identifiable sources
  12. Radiosonde
    • A lightweight package of weather instruments fitted with a radio
    • transmitter and carried aloft by a balloon
  13. Secondary Pollutants
    • A pollutant that is produced in the atmosphere by chemical reactions
    • occurring among primary pollutants
  14. Stratopause
    The boundary between the stratosphere and the mesosphere
  15. Stratosphere
    • The zone of the atmosphere above the troposphere characterize at first by
    • isothermal conditions and then a gradual temperature increase. Earth’s ozone is
    • concentrated here
  16. Temperature Inversion
    • A layer in the atmosphere of limited depth where the temperature
    • increases rather than decreases with height
  17. Thermosphere
    • The zone of he atmosphere beyond the mesosphere in which there is a
    • rapid rise in temperature with height
  18. Troposphere
    • The lowermost layer of the atmosphere marked by considerable turbulence
    • and, in general, a decrease in temperature with increasing height.
  19. Tropoause
    The boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere
  20. Weather
    The state of the atmosphere at any given time
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