flo leisure 3-5

  1. 사회자
    master of ceremony
  2. 췌장
  3. 별세하다
    to leave the world, die
  4. 발인
    carrying out a coffin, start of a funeral
  5. 장례 예식장
    funeral home
  6. 주재하다
    preside, supervise
  7. 추모
    commemorate a deceased person
  8. 예배
    church service
  9. 경영하다
    to run a business
  10. 앞다투어
    ahead of others, "fighting (for an earlier turn)"
  11. 건네다
    give over, deliver
  12. 당황하다
    to be confused/puzzled
  13. 환호성
    hurrah, cheer, a shout of joy
  14. 박수를 치다
    to clap
  15. 흥행에 성공하다
    to succeed in the film business
  16. 흥행
    the entertainment industry, show business
  17. 장면
    scene in a film, play
  18. 상위
    high ranking
  19. 무려
    as many/much as
  20. 작품(~작)
    an art work
  21. 피워대다
    to smoke w/o discretion
  22. 상영하다
    to play a movie
  23. 등장하다
    to appear in a show, movie
  24. - 개비
    counter for cigarettes
  25. 절반
    a half
  26. 묘사하다
    to describe
  27. 암살
  28. 다루다
    to deal with, treat
  29. 바짝
    closely tightly
  30. 난폭하다
    to be violent
  31. 연기하다
    to act, perform
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