Medication Admin Definitions

  1. Classification
    Medication classification indicates the effect of the medication on a body system, the symptoms the medication relieves, or the medication's desired effect.
  2. Pharmacokinetics
    The study of how medications enter the body, reach their site of action, metabolize, and exit the body.
  3. Biotransformation
    Occurs under the influcence of enzymes that detoxify, degrade, and remove biologically active chemicals. Most biotransformation occurs within the liver, although the lungs, kidneys, blood, and intestines also metabolize medications.
  4. Therapeutic Effect
    The expected or predictable physiological response a medication causes.
  5. Side Effects
    Predictable and often unavoidable secondary effects prodiced at a usual therapeutic dose.
  6. Adverse Effects
    Unintended, undesirable, and often unpredictable severe responses to medication.
  7. Toxic Effects
    Develop after prolonged intake of a medication of when a medication accumulates in the blood because of impaired metabolism or excretion.
  8. Idiosyncratic reaction
    A client overreacts or underreacts to a medication or has a reation different than normal.
  9. Allergic Reactions
    Unpredicatble responses to a medication
  10. Medication Allergy
    symptoms vary, depending on the individual and the medication
  11. Anaphylactic reaction
    life thretening, characterized by sudden constriction of bronchiolar muscles, edema of the pharynx, and larynx, and severe wheezing and shortness of breath
  12. Medication Interaction
    When one medication modifies the action of another medication
  13. Synergistic effect
    the combined effect of the two medations is greater than the effect of the medications when given separetely.
  14. Onset
    Time it takes adter a medication is administered for it to prduced a responce
  15. Peak
    Time it takes for a medication to reach its highest effective concentration
  16. Trough
    Minimum blood serum concentration of medication reached just before the next scheduled dose
  17. Duration
    Time during which the medication is present in concentration great enough to produce a response
  18. Plateau
    Blood serum consentration of a medication reached and maintained after repeated fixed doses
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