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  1. How are glucose, ketone bodies and insulin transferred to the baby?
    Facilitated diffusion (down gradient)
  2. How are AA and Vitamin C transferred to baby?
    Secondary active transport
  3. How is iron transported to baby?
    Independent of maternal stores
  4. How do essential FA cross to baby?
    Unknown carrier
  5. What are the four hormones that produce anti-insulin effects?
    • 1) TNFa
    • 2) cortisol
    • 3) Prolactin
    • 4) Growth hormone
  6. What is a mother's primary source for fuel during pregnancy? glucose, ketone bodies, FA oxidation or AA
    FA oxidation (rest is shunted to baby)
  7. How many calories should a pregnant woman take in daily?
    200-300 (actually 100)
  8. What percent of IBW should a woman gain during pregnancy?
  9. What diseases occur if mother gains >35 lbs.?
    • Preeclampsia
    • hypertension
    • cesarian birth
    • macrosomia
    • neonatal seizures
    • infant hypoglycemia
  10. What is macrosomia?
    Large-for-gestational age infants
  11. What is the level of low birth weight?
    <5.5 lbs (5500 g)
  12. What are LBW babies at risk for?
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • insulin resistance
    • central obesity
    • type II diabetes
    • cardiovascular disease
  13. How are neurons affected in LBW babies?
    • Not enough produced
    • each neuron gets overworked = stressed neurons
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