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  1. Why is life expectancy greater in women than men (2)?
    • 1) Testosterone: men are more violent
    • 2) Estrogen: lowers LDL and increases HDL
  2. What does HALE stand for?
    Healthy life expectancy: how many years a person can expect to live while being healthy
  3. What is the M/F Hale?
    • M = 67
    • F = 71
  4. What is the correlation b/t BMI and BP?
    Direact and Linear
  5. What does CR limit and increase to help increase life expectancy?
    • Limit: growth and reproduction
    • Increase: Somatic maintenance
  6. What are the two reasons as to why CR decreases ROS?
    • decreases ETC usage
    • decreased Macrophages in adipose
  7. How does CR increase ROS destruction?
    • More ROS antioxidant enzymes
    • Superoxide dismutase
    • catalse
    • glutathione peroxidase
  8. How does CR reduce hyperglycemia and AGEs?
    • Less glucose
    • glucose cannot complex with proteins to form AGEs
  9. How does CR affect rate of protein turnover?
    increases macromolecular turnover and uses them for energy
  10. Does gluconeogenesis decrease or increase with CR?
  11. How does CR work with insulin to help the body?
    • CR decreases insulin
    • Decreased insulin leads to decreased division and increased apoptosis
  12. What is Werner Syndrome?
    • Attack of PARP-1
    • PARP-1 generally helps with DNA repair and telomere repair
    • PARP-1 generally leads to longevity
  13. What gene is turned on by CR that increases life longevity?
  14. What does the SIR2 gene encode for?
    Histone deacetylase = more tightly bound histone/DNA relationship
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