Texas History Ch. 9 People

  1. Commander of the Army of the People; led the volunteer army from Gonzales to San Antonio; was chosen by the Provisional Government to travel to the US to seek help
    Stephen F. Austin
  2. Arrived in San Antoni with additiioal men, considered Gonzales to be the outbreak of war aginst Mexico; was defeated in the Alamo, promised to night fight in Texas again and to uphold the Consitiution of 1824
    General Martin Perfecto Cos
  3. Opposed Santa Anna but continued to remail loyal to Mexico
    Peace Pary
  4. Led the Texans against the Mexicans at Gonzales
    John H. Moore
  5. Triedd to force the people at Gonzales to give up their cannon, ordered 100 men to take cannon by force; was defeated by the colonists at Gonzales
    Colonal Ugartechea
  6. Favored immediate independnce from Mexico
    War Party
  7. President/Dictator of Mexico/ marched his men from Mexico to San Antonio
    Santa Anna
  8. Governor of the Provisional Government, from Brazoria, member of the War Party, opposed the Convention of 1836 and the capture of Matamoros
    Henry Smith
  9. Lieutenate Governor, from Nacogdoches, member of the War Party
    James W. Robinson
  10. Commanded a group of Tejanos in the fight at San Antonio; originally born in San Antonio, recruited Mexican ranchers to help in the fight
    Juan N. Seguin
  11. Told volunteer army about the mule train thought to be carrying silver
    Erasmus "Deaf" Smith
  12. What was the volunteer army led by Stephen F. Austin called
    Army of the People
  13. Commander of the regular amry; born in Virgina, lived in Tennessee, lived the the Cherokes, served in the War of 1812, served in various roles for the US; later became commader in chief of both the regular and volunteer armies
    Sam Houston
  14. (Three men) Chosen by the Consultation to ask the US for help
    Stephen F. Austin, Willian H. Wharton, and Branch T. Archer
  15. Rallied the volunteers to stay and fight after hearing that Cos’s men were weak, divided the volunteers into 2 groups, was killed on the 3rd day of battle (Siege of Bexar)v
    Ben Milam
  16. Led the 2nd group to attck San Antonio
    Frank W. Johnson
  17. Wrote down an account of the events that happened during the Convention of 1836
    William F. Grey
  18. Free African American who guided Ben Milan's group into battle
    Hendrick Arnold
  19. (Two men) Only native born Texans at the Convention of 1836
    Jose Antonio Navaro and Jose Francisco Louise
  20. Thought to be the one who wrote the Texas Declaration of Independence
    George C. Childress
  21. Took command of the volunteer army at San Antonio after Austin left for the US
    Edward Burleson
  22. Early pioneer in TX, empresario; chosen to be the ad interim president of TX
    David G. Burnet
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