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  1. Doppler Effect
    Change in the frequency of a sound wave that occurs when the sound source and the listener are in motion relative to each other. Example: a fire truck passing with its siren on.
  2. Eardrum
    Membrane stretching across the ear canal that vibrates when sound waves reach the middle ear.
  3. Echo
    A reflected sound wave.
  4. Fundamental Frequency
    Lowest natural frequency that is produced by a vibrating object, such as a string or a column of air.
  5. Loudness
    The human perceptions of hopw much energy a sound wave carries.
  6. Music
    A group of sounds that have been deliberately produced to make a regular pattern.
  7. Natural Frequency
    Frequencies at which an object will vibrate when struck or disturbed.
  8. Overtones
    Multiples of the fundamental frequency.
  9. Pitch
    How high or low a sound is.
  10. Resonance
    Occurs when an object is made to vibrate at its natural frequencies by absorbing energy from a sound wave or other object vibrating at this frequency.
  11. Reverberation
    Repeated echos of sound.
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