Anglo-Saxon Period

  1. Who was the first to invade England?
    The Celts
  2. Where did the Celts come from?
    Southern Europe
  3. During which years did the Celts invade the British Isles?
    600-800 BC
  4. What kind of people were the Celts?
    Farmers and Hunters
  5. What areas do the Celts occupy today. Why?
    The Romans pushed them to the West into Scotland, Ireland and Wales
  6. What were the two seperate Celt groups?
    Brythons and the Gaels
  7. Where did the Gaels settle
  8. Where did the Brythons settle?
  9. Who took over england after the Celts?
    The Romans
  10. Who led the Romans to take over England?
    Julius Caesar
  11. What were the Romans known for?
    Their organized society; infrastructure (roads, aquaducts,etc) also, war.
  12. How many years did the Romans rule over England?
    300+ years
  13. What were the names of the three germanic tribes who invaded England after the Romans?
    The Angles, Saxons and the Jutes
  14. What was the difference between the three tribes
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