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  1. 1862-The battle where General Lee tried to take Maryland.
  2. A battle where 23,000 died-Considered the single bloodiest day in American History-September 17, 1862
  3. The battle at Antietam is also called
    the Battle of Sharpsburg
  4. 1863-Lincoln freed the slaves in the Confederate States
    Emancipation Proclamation
  5. Europe stayed out of the American Civil War becasue they were opposed to __________
  6. This Pennsylvania battle was considered a turning point in the Civil War
  7. A battle that most expected that General Lee would win because he was on a winning streak and he seemed unstoppable; although, he lost this bloody battle
  8. Who was the Confederate general in the Battle of Gettysburg?
    General Lee
  9. Who was the Union general in the Battle of Gettysburg?
    General Meade
  10. Which side "won" the battle at Gettysburg?
    Union (North)
  11. Which side "won" the battle at Antietam?
    Neither--It was a draw, but the Confederates did retreat under the command of Lee
  12. The battle of Chickamauga was fought in which state?
  13. In the fall of 1863, Federal/Union forces advanced into Georgia and a battle ensued at _______
  14. What was it called when the Union forces kept boats from entering or exiting the ports in Georgia?
    naval blockade
  15. What was it called when Sherman wanted to get his troops to Atlanta?
    the Atlanta Campaign
  16. This was a path of destruction 60 miles wide that extended from Atlanta to Savannah.
    Sherman's March to the Sea
  17. This plan to burn everything in Sherman's path was meant to crush the spirits of the Confederates and it was hoped that this would end the war
    the March to the Sea
  18. This prisioner of war camp in Georgia was officially called
    Camp Sumter
  19. Andersonville prison was meant to hold 10,000 men, but it held up to _______ men at one point.
  20. Men at Andersonville Prison most often died from
    poor sanitation and dysentery
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